Postville Slaughterhouse
Postville Slaughterhouse


The Postville slaughterhouse, which was the site for the largest-ever immigration enforcement action, is taking steps to ensure they maintain a legal workforce. The new owner told the Associated Press that they'll start using E-Verify.

After immigration enforcement officials arrested 389 illegal workers at the nation's largest Kosher slaughterhouse last year, the plant was forced to file for bankruptcy. Ultimately, it was sold to Hershey Friedman who said that he will use E-Verify and pay new workers from Postville, Iowa and the surrounding areas more than minimum wage.

"I don't want to start at minimum wage," Friedman said in the AP article. "That's not where our goal is. Anybody can go to McDonald's for minimum wage. We want better than that. ... We want to give fair salaries, fair benefits, we want to treat them fairly and we want in return for them to treat us fairly."

Friedman said he plans to have a workforce of 750-800 people.

For more, see the Associate Press story.

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Updated: Mon, Oct 19th 2009 @ 11:38am EDT