Later this month a group of conservatives who support efforts to give work permits, legal status, or citizenship to illegal aliens will be holding a "fly-in" to meet with Republican Congressmen in an effort to get them to support legislation that amnesties illegal aliens.  The group, numbering more than 300, includes pastors, farmers, police chiefs, and business owners among its number.

One of those visiting the House of Representatives on Oct. 28 will be Jeremy Hudson, a pastor from House Speaker John Boehner's district: "I'm not an advocate of open borders. I'm not an advocate of blanket amnesty. I just see (undocumented immigrants) who are hurting and want to contribute to their family ... and the system is not working for them."

Another participant is 70 year-old Idaho rancher Terry Jones, who got tired of looking for legal workers: "I was getting too old to fuss with finding the labor. We're not here wanting to break the laws. Heavens to Betsy, we've got stewardship of the land and our animals, employees we want to treat right and pay a fair wage to. But the government is just interested in ... who's going to get the credit, who's going to get the votes."

The fly-in is funded by organizations, many who hold non-conservative ideals, who want Congress to pass comprehensive amnesty.  Among these groups are New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's Parternship for a New American Economy, FWD.US, which is funded by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and other Silicon Valley tech titans, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

You can read more about the pro-amnesty event here.

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Updated: Wed, Jul 5th 2017 @ 4:15pm EDT