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The Georgia Board of Regents has approved a new measure that will require state colleges and universities to deny admission to illegal aliens if admission has been denied to academically eligible U.S. citizens or legal immigrants within the last two years. the new rules will also require applicants to state on their applications if they are entitled to receive in-state tuition benefits.

The state's two largest public universities - University of Georgia and Georgia Tech University - currently fall under the new status.

When students apply for admission, the college or university is now required to verify the applicant's immigration status.

"We're not looking for illegal students... we're looking for students who can't provide documentation so we can charge out-of-state tuition," said Regents spokesman John Millsaps.

The new policy goes into effect in the Fall of 2011.

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Updated: Wed, Oct 13th 2010 @ 4:33pm EDT