A new report by the Center for Immigration Studies says that the Senate-passed immigration bill (S. 744) could add 4.6 million additional voters to the U.S. by 2024 and 17.3 million more by 2036. Since the last four presidential elections were decided by an average of 4.5 million voters, this influx could have a substantial impact on American politics.

Dr. Steven Camarota, CIS Director of Research and author of the publication, said, “Current immigration policy is adding millions of new voters each decade; the Gang of Eight bill will add millions more.  This is one of the most important consequences of immigration.  Will it result in voters who need or want more government services?  Or, will it reshape American foreign policy? There has been almost no discussion of the impact on the electorate.”   

Current immigration law is expected to add 15 million potential voting-age citizens by 2036. Combined, current immigration and S.744 would create more than 32 million potential voters by 2036. The 32-million number is slightly larger than the number of Americans over age 65 who voted in 2012.  It is also twice the size of the veterans vote.

Of the new potential voters S.744 would create by 2036, slightly more than one-third would be a result of the bill’s amnesty provisions based on CBO projections; the rest are due to the bill’s large increases in future legal immigration.

CIS says the projections err on the conservative side as they only include potential immigrant voters, not their U.S.-born children. They take into account, mortality, return-migration, and residency requirements to naturalize.

View the report.

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Updated: Fri, Oct 11th 2013 @ 9:41am EDT

Albert 3441 of PA's picture
That is why the regime is pushing amnesty so hard right now. They know that the American people are beginning to understand that they are about to be dispossed of their homeland. This amnesty is the regime's best insurance that the plan will succeed.
Robert 4907 of DE's picture

What we need is some comprehensive ENFORCEMENT reform to get rid of all the illegal aliens. Wish the truckers were protesting this or the bikers. They have some clout!!! we do't need 32 million new votes for democrats.

Gene 5798 of TX's picture
You are right Robert. I've written all my representatives and reminded them whenever anyone in Washintom says, "We are a nation of laws." that I laugh aloud at liars as them. Laws if it applies to me, but congressmen and aliens are exempted.
GlenR 1973 of WV's picture
Now even more of a reason than just the Political Contributions for the GOP to switch over to supporting Amnesty, they hope to get in on the dividing up of the newly Amnestied voters.
Robert 1440 of CA's picture

No...they know very well that these people want free stuff. Every single study proves this point. No, the GOP backstabbers get bags of money, thinking short term, and don't care about the American people or the country.

Gene 5798 of TX's picture

It is certainly true, Robert, true at least since that amnesty of 1986. The last great republican president said something about "a house divided against itself shall fall.' I can't tell if republicans are fighting each other or the other party, either way the house is sure divided.

Terri 9170 of IL's picture
There's been no discussion on the impact of the American electorate, because the CEOs don't want to let the cat out of the bag. If American citizens realized they're going to lose the voting majority in their own country, you'd see a hullabaloo instead of apathy on this issue.
William 6898 of AZ's picture
Why don't we try to REALLY enforce our immigration-laws. It is an absolute disgrace the way our "officials" are turning on American workers to further their OWN careers. Pleasing the big-shot C.E.O.'s and the law-breaking ILLEGAL-aliens is NOT pleasing OR working for the American worker. It is simply treasonous!
Lance 6170 of WA's picture
I'm not particularly concerned about adding 32 million voters. I am concerned about adding 32 million people to the unemployment rolls.
Terry 0133 of VA's picture
This is my concern to Glen. I read a lot of great comments here at NUSA so I'm asking the people here to get on Twitter and/or Facebook and express your opinion or find articles from newspapers, blogs, web sites, and send them to Twitter. Our message needs to get out and with your help it can be done.
Sylvia 4936 of CA's picture

These illegal alien activists are blocking buses with illegal aliens being sent to court for future deportation. How's that for arrogance? The invasion lives on!

Steven 9122 of OK's picture
Breaking: Activists block buses, court to try to stop Ariz. deportations Cuff and stuff all those blocking the buses and ensure they get the max fine/sentence possible. If found to be illegal? Well put em on the next bus south.
Laurissa 6859 of SC's picture
Where are the jobs for the current Legal VOTERS? How can we handle an additional ILLEGAL Voter without jobs to support our current economy? Fire the LIFELONG seat warmers in Washington!
Donald 0986 of CO's picture
Maybe there will be that many new voters. However for the illegals, they have been "bought" with cell phones, food stamps and other freebees----and that is fraud at its finest. I suggest anyone who thinks that is OK, should spend 30 days "just across the Mexican Border" (but be sure and take about a dozen body guards. Then, they can see the problems "down there" will soon be "up here", if this migration continues. .
Frank 2881 of FL's picture
I heard today that a fellow has file to run against John Boehner in his district in Ohio. Someone needs to annouce and run against that amnesty creep Paul Ryan and also Cantor. Keep calling and faxing folks.
Jon 1773 of CA's picture
> . > . So what do our fools in Washington think these new 32 million people will be doing to the cost of ObamaCare? We need to impeach Obama and vote ALL of the rest of our elected officials out of office !!!!! > . > .
David 3281 of IN's picture
Again, it's the numbers.30 or 40 million more voters, and tax-payers, and buyers of products, and immigrant families increasing their numbers, all amounts to greater stress on our infrastructure, agriculture, power production, housing, sanitation, water supplies, fossil fuel supplies, schools and education, etc, that even now are being pushed to their limits. The influx of these many additional populants could and very possibly will in less than the next decade push all those past their limits. As we see now, various parts of our infrastructure are failing or about to with little funding dedicated to upgrading or rebuilding. Just how is increasing the population of our nation going to help that? More tax-payers making minimum wages? And who will create enough jobs to even employ this population increase? And who will pay for all those who can't find a job? Too many questions with no answers, but somehow, someway, there appears to be a belief that this will all fix itself, by adding more voters. I'd call that a "Dream", or a "Fantasy"! Are our Gov't leaders living in a "Fantasy World" of some kind that we're not aware of or is this the "Secret" we're not going to be told? I certainly can't see any logic in this, nor could anyone with more than two brain cells to rub together. A "Fantasy" is the assumption that if all the right things happen, it will work. When did that ever work in "Real Life"? Our people in Congress have to quit "Fantasizing"! "Get Reat". Solutions don't come from "Fantasies", they come from logical, critical, intelligent, thinking!
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Kenneth 9778 of TX's picture

all illegals need to be denied amnesty and deported post hast, and our borders strengthen. Veterans and starving children need help, not votes for a illegal political agenda!

M 2510 of MA's picture
There is an amazing parallel between the Obamacare bill (which squeezed thru Congress despite huge opposition) and the S744. Both are grossly over-reaching, WELL beyond what's required to solve the original problem. They have all sorts of community activists and goodies handed out to very interest group. Both are grave national threats on their own and together they WILL kill the USA as existed for 250 years, IF passed. If we keep any immigration bill from passing in 2013 and chip away at Obamacare, there is hope left. Yes, it is that dire. Let's tie them together.
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Vieva 8210 of CO's picture
It is so sad and frustrating to hear so many in Congress supporting increased immigration. Where will water come from when the aquifers are decimated? Where will food come from when the land is covered with rooftops? Polluted air and water? You ain't seen nothing yet? Energy for heating in cold climates? Natural gas and oil production, as well as coal-burning plants are opposed by naive fools. Wind turbines kill more than a million birds, annualy, mostly geese, hawks, eagles, that cannot detect the turbine blades and fly into them, and are left mangled and dead! Bats that eat tens of thousands of insects that cause illness and ruin crops, are also killed. And Rockefeller Brothers Fund and Tides Funding oppose the Keystone XL Pipeline. Environmental groups are being fed millions $$ to protest the Pipeline. WHY? Our energy sources are being diminished and "nature loving" members of Congress don't know what is really going on!!! They just keep voting for MORE immigration!
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GlenR 1973 of WV's picture
Thanks for the link, if you can take one thing from the article it's the fact that individuals and corporations from outside of the U. S. either directly or via "paid for" U.S. firms have too much input to "our" Congress Political Contributions again and self interest of the corporations moving toward Open Borders and lower wages and under and un employement for U.S. Citizens.
Albert 3441 of PA's picture
The central issue for any policy maker dealing with immigration resolves into 2 questions: 1) How big do we want the population to grow; and 2) what standard of living do we want those people to have. Currently, answers are lacking because the questions have not been asked. That is why the policies that have been adopted to date aren't working and don't make any sense.
Adrian 0585 of GA's picture
The more illegal aliens that are permitted into this Country means the more American Workers are going to be without jobs. The American government is supposed to protect the American People, instead this administration ignores the American People and calls for more illegal aliens. This government wants to make democratic voters out of the influx of illegal aliens they hope will be coming.