In a poll conducted by The Polling Company during Tuesday's mid-term elections, the results reveal that 61% of Tuesday's voters believe that Pres. Obama has not been aggressive enough in enforcing federal immigration laws. Sixty-nine percent of respondents also said they consider immigration to be an important public policy issue.

Only 4% of respondents believe that Pres. Obama is being too tough in enforcing immigration laws.

Tuesday's voters also expressed support for state's playing a role in enforcing immigration laws. Fifty-three percent favor an Arizona-style law passed in their own state.

While immigration was not the central issue during the mid-term elections, Tuesday's results showed a shift in the Immigration Balance of Power in Congress. More than 40 open-border incumbents were voted out of the House and replaced with candidates who support tougher immigration enforcement and oppose amnesty for the nation's 11-18 million illegal aliens.

With Republicans taking over the House of Representatives, Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas), who supports more immigration enforcement, will now chair the House Judiciary Committee and Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) will chair the House Immigration Subcommittee.

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Updated: Fri, Nov 5th 2010 @ 12:59pm EDT