NumbersUSA has been keeping a close eye on several races that could impact immigration reform in the United States. Here are some of the major race results.

Grade A- Rep. Lampson, TX 22nd, Loses (53% to 45%)To a Tougher-Talking Republican

Update - 11/05/08 - 12:21am

Texas 22nd district Representative Nick Lampson was one of our Top Ten Democrats in the U.S. House fighting for sensible immigration. But Republican Pete Olson campaigned claiming that he would be even tougher. Clearly, the voters in this district want strong action, especially against illegal immigration. This should result in no net change in immigration reform in the House. View all close House races.

Grade B+ Rep. English, PA 3rd, Loses (52% to 48%) To a Tougher-Talking Democrat

Update - 11/05/08 - 12:19am

Pennsylvania 3rd district Representative Phil English loses to Kathy Dahlkemper. NumbersUSA gave English the grade of Grade B+ on immigration. English had been the first Republican elected in this district in decades. Democrat Dahlkemper made sure that voters didn't think she was soft on illegal immigration. Besides tough talk about securing the borders, she said:

We must not provide Amnesty to those who are living illegally within our borders and reward their initial wrongdoing.

However, it is unacceptable that we only enforce our laws against immigrants themselves, rather than cracking down on the companies that hire them. We must make it a priority to administer and enforce strict fines on companies that hire illegal immigrants.

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Improved Kanjorski Outlasts Mayor Barletta (52% to 48%)

Update - 11/05/08 - 12:01am

As Hazelton Mayor Lou Barletta began to make a crackdown on illegal immigration a big political issue in the congressional district of Rep. Paul Kanjorski, the incumbent Congressman began to radically change his approach to immigration. His much-improved immigration behavior may have been an important factor in his keeping his seat after a strong challenge by Barletta.

Until four years ago, Kanjorski had been one of the worst Members of Congress in supporting foreign workers (illegal and legal) over American workers, when it came to immigration policies. He was earning a D or a D-minus from NumbersUSA in most years. Mayor Barletta in the meantime was becoming one of the nation's greatest champions for Attrition Through Enforcement against illegal immigration. If Republican Barletta had won on a night when all the political winds were blowing Democratic, it would have been one of the biggest upsets of the night. Kanjorski has dominated this Democratic-leaning District for 11 terms, winning his last election with 73% of the vote. But this time with Barletta, the margin was 52% to 48%.

With Barletta on his tail during the last four years, Kanjorski had become one of the toughest Democrats on importing foreign workers (illegal and legal) and has been earning B's from NumbersUSA. He was one of only 10 Democrats who signed the Discharge Petition to try to force Democratic Speaker Pelosi to bring the SAVE Act to the floor for a vote. View all close House races

Grade A Representative Hayes, NC 8th, Loses 55% to 45%

Update - 11/04/08 - 10:37pm

North Carolina 8th district Representative Robin Hayes loses to Larry Kissell. NumbersUSA gave Hayes Grade A on immigration. Kissell has praised the North Carolina state legislature for making it harder for illegal immigrants and terrorists to get a North Carolina driver's license. View all close House races

Giving illegals and terrorists a driver's license makes it easier for them to operate and thrive right here in North Carolina. Stopping them before they get a foot-hold in our area is a good first-step in rooting out terrorists and illegal immigrants...

Grade A- Representative Keller, FL 8th, Loses 52% to 48%

Update - 11/04/08 - 10:02pm

Florida 8th district Representative Ric Keller loses to Alan Grayson. NumbersUSA gave Keller Grade A- on immigration. We do not know Grayson's position on immigration. View all close House races

Grade A- Representative Christopher Shays, CT 4th, Loses 51% to 48%

Update - 11/04/08 - 09:32pm

Connecticut 4th district Representative Shays loses to Jim Himes. View all close House races.

Himes has been quoted,

We must crack down on employers who violate our immigration and employment laws, undermining working conditions for all Americans. These employers fuel illegal immigration by encouraging people seeking economic opportunity to enter our country illegally.

The most viable way to encourage undocumented workers to come out of the shadows is to offer an earned path to citizenship. Specifically, Jim believes that law-abiding, hardworking, and tax-paying immigrants should be assessed a meaningful penalty for breaking our immigration laws, and should then be allowed to go to the "back of the line" for citizenship.

Grade B- Mitch McConnell, KY, Wins Reelection 53% to 47%

Update - 11/04/08 - 09:32pm

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell wins a tightly contested race. View all close Senate races

Grade A- Representative Feeney, FL 24th, Loses 41% to 57%

Update - 11/04/08 - 09:20pm

Florida 24th district Representative Feeney loses to Suzanne Kosmas. NumbersUSA gave Feeney a Grade A- on immigration. We do not know Kosmas' position on immigration. View all close House races

Grade A- Senator Sununu, NH Loses 45% to 52%

Update - 11/04/08 - 09:10pm

Another Senate seat has switched hands, this time in New Hampshire. Incumbent Republican John Sununu has a recent grade of A-, but has lost his seat to the challenger Jeanne Shaheen. Shaheen did not complete the immigration survey. View all close Senate races

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