Following the results of Tuesday's election, Texas Representative Lamar Smith and Ranking Member of the House Judiciary Committee released a statement regarding immigration.

"Now that the politics of the campaign are behind us, President-elect Obama needs to turn his attention to the needs of American workers as he prepares to govern. First among his priorities should be protecting the wages and jobs of American workers in this difficult economic climate. That means no amnesty for illegal immigrant workers. Further, if President-elect Obama is true to his word, then he must also make sure that employers have the tools they need to verify the legal status of their workforce. Congress created E-Verify for that very reason, but the program is set to expire in March 2009. If President-elect Obama is serious about enforcing our immigration laws, he must push for a long-term reauthorization of E-Verify.

"Very few issues have such significant impact on our economy and national security as illegal immigration. Although the Presidential race offered little in the way of debate about immigration, a look at Congressional races across the country demonstrates that immigration enforcement continues to be a priority for the American people. The Bush Administration made progress in securing the border, increasing enforcement and helping employers verify worker eligibility. But more must be done to preserve American jobs and keep our nation safe. I hope President-elect Obama will make efforts to secure the border and make enforcement of our laws a priority for his Administration, and I am ready to work with him to support such efforts for the benefit of the American people." 

Illegal Immigration

Updated: Fri, Nov 7th 2008 @ 10:04am EST