View results in all the races that may have significance for how immigration is handled in the next Congress. NumbersUSA has Election Trackers for the House of Representatives, Senate, and Special Elections.UPDATED -- 11/5/08, 1:11 p.m.

NumbersUSA is closely watching several House elections. First, several members of the House who have earned high grades from NumbersUSA for sensible immigration are in jeopardy of losing their seats. Plus, there are a number of open seats whose outcomes will also have a dramatic impact on immigration policy. Not to mention a large number of seats that are expected to flip from the Republican side to the Democratic side. You can follow all of these important races on the NumbersUSA House of Representatives Election Tracker.

We are also watching a number of Senate races. There are not as many important races, but depending on the results, the Democrats could add enough seats to prevent a Republican filibuster. And just like the House races, there will be an impact on immigration policy. NumbersUSA is following these races closely on the Senate Election Tracker.

In addition to Congress, NumbersUSA is also watching a very important ballot initiative in Arizona. Proposition 202 could threaten the way Arizona authorities are allowed to enforce immigration laws. We're also watching the Attorney General race in Pennsylvania. Democratic candidate John Morganelli has a tough record on immigration as a district attorney in Northampton County. These can be followed on the Special Election Tracker.

These elections will be updated as results come in. We'll base the results on information provided by CNN, and as they trickle in, NumbersUSA Founder and CEO Roy Beck will live blog with his analysis of the races.

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