Following in the footsteps of Prince William County, Va., all persons arrested for violations of local or State law by the Manassas Police Department will have their immigration status checked beginning on Dec. 1. Officers also will be allowed to investigate the status of persons who are "lawfully detained" for local or State violations if they have "probable cause." All City police officers will be trained on the new policy and procedures, according to the Washington Post.

Manassas intends to conduct post-arrest status checks and turn over anyone illegally present to the sitting ICE operation at the regional jail, which it shares with Prince William County. The City had already been running immigration checks on those accused of more serious crimes since July.

Manassas signed on to the Federal 287(g) programs earlier this year, which allows local police to be trained in and engage in the enforcement of Federal immigration laws. Eight other Va. law enforcement agencies also participate in the program.

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Updated: Mon, Jul 24th 2017 @ 3:00pm EDT