The Montgomery County Council in Maryland voted to spend $100,000 in taxpayer funds to help illegal aliens sign up for the Obama Administration’s executive amnesty. The pro-illegal alien group CASA de Maryland will receive the funding and administer the outreach program.

The resolution the Montgomery County Council adopted on Nov. 13 says:

“In June 2012, President Obama announced the Deferred Action policy, which is aimed at providing relief to young people who are hard-working, consider the United States their home, and want to contribute to the economy and further their education. CASA de Maryland Inc. (CASA) will provide application assistance to individuals who qualify for Deferred Action for obtaining approved status. Based on estimates received from CASA, the Department anticipates the cost for each successful application to be approximately $100. CASA is uniquely positioned to serve the large number of youth needing assistance, currently projected to be up to 7,500. They already have in place much of the infrastructure and staffing.”

The Council designated $100,000 from the County’s Department of Health and Human Services General Fund Undesignated Reserve to be awarded to CASA de Maryland as a “non-competitive” contract. The Reserve fund had been used in the past to provide child care for poverty-stricken citizens who needed to work and health care for uninsured children and women.

The wealthy D.C. suburb is a well-known sanctuary city that refused to participate in the federal Secure Communities program over worries that “non-criminal” illegal aliens might be deported.The watchdog group Judicial Watch discovered the County’s plan, which passed without public fanfare.

Casa de Maryland operates centers for illegal day laborers in Maryland and had been the major proponent behind the state’s taxpayer-subsidized tuition plan for illegal aliens. In 2010, CASA received $12.3 million in grants and donations, about $5 million of which came from government contracts, according to its tax return. In 2008, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez arranged for a $1.5 million grant to CASA from CITGO, the state-owned petroleum products corporation,

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Updated: Wed, Nov 28th 2012 @ 10:43pm EST