Rep. Paul Gosar, who represents a district in Arizona much impacted by illegal immigration, has challenged Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg to tour the border after he called immigration reform "one of the biggest civil rights issues of our time" and called for immigration reform that included more foreign workers. Rep. Gosar said:

If Mr. Zuckerberg insists on weighing in on immigration I invite him to take off his rose-colored glasses and come tour the Arizona border with me. The people of my district know that until we secure our borders no solution will work.

I find Mr. Zuckerberg's comments disrespectful to our nations civil rights heroes. To compare legalizing the status of those who criminally entered and reside in our nation to the struggles of those who faced racial or gender inequality is wrong. There is a legal process to enter our nation and we should not reward those who circumvented it.

Rep. Gosar is not the first to express displeasure with Zuckerberg's immigration comments. Earlier this month, Chris Crane, the head of the National ICE Council, criticized Zuckerberg for calling for immigration reform. This weekend, Mr. Crane again spoke up about Zuckerberg's efforts:

One of those on the letter was Mark Zuckerberg, who has invested considerable time and money to get proposed legislation like the Gang of Eight bill signed into law. Mr. Zuckerberg ignored the letter and meeting request from ICE law enforcement and instead met with illegal immigrants. We therefore renew our request to meet with Mr. Zuckerberg and share firsthand the knowledge and experience of ICE officers and agents who witness every day the negative impact to public safety that occurs because ICE officers are prohibited from enforcing the nation's immigration laws. The first question I would ask Mr. Zuckerberg would be: why did you support a bill, S. 744, which legalizes aliens with extensive criminal records, including sex offenders, gang members and other violent and dangerous criminal aliens? Until Mr. Zuckerberg meets with officers and learns the truth about our immigration system, I would respectfully suggest he suspend his lobbying activities.
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Updated: Mon, Nov 25th 2013 @ 1:11pm EST