Comprehensive immigration reform, if passed by Congress, would drastically increase the number of H-1B (temporary workers in science and technology) who are allowed to work in the United States, according to an article in Computerworld. Currently, 50,000 are given 3-year visas each year and these visas are renewable once. U.S. professors in STEM fields are speaking out on this threat.

Karen Panetta, a professor at Tufts University in Massachusetts, says that a master's degree is the bachelor's degree in the employment market. She also says that graduating U.S. students will face increasing competition from lower-wage H-1B workers if immigration reform is passed by Congress and that it is getting more and more difficult for America families to send their children to college due to the cost.

Ron Hira, a professor at Rochester Institute of Technology, says there are about 650,000 H-1B workers in the U.S. at the moment and the program "is used very extensively for cheap labor."

Harry Salzman, a professor at Rutgers University, says that the U.S. produces enough university graduates to satisfy the labor market. If comprehensive immigration reform is passed and immigration numbers are increased, the market will be swamped, particularly impacting under-30 workers.

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Updated: Mon, Nov 18th 2013 @ 11:52am EST

Robert 4907 of DE's picture
Why do we need more foreign workers? WHY? How many Americans are out of work here because of the illegal aliens? This amnesty for the illegal aliens is too costly! Get rid of the illegal aliens and things will improve. Enough is enough with them. Lets get some comprehensive ENFORCEMENT reform to get the illegal aliens out of this country.
John 4110 of MI's picture
Have any of the people mentioned had opportunities to testify before Congress? The CEOs with their big contributions seem to almost exclusively have the ear of Congress.
Gene 5798 of TX's picture
It is nearly laughable, but it is too critical to be laughed about! When I said to fellow workers in the mid '70's to pay attention to aliens crossing borders to get jobs that they would be after ours soon, I was laughed at. Now the prediction has become fact and they are screaming about jobs for their children and grandchildren. I still DO NOT get it that common sense is so uncommon, so uncommon that we keep getting the same legislators back that did this to America. The more college graduates we get, the poorer American wages get - uggghhh, I do not get it? Uhh, more college graduates in Congress now than then too, is their a commonality here?
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M 2510 of MA's picture
It is much worse that stated here. There are almost a 100k H1Bs new visas given out each year after all the exceptions and the renewable forever (as long as they have applied for a green card).
Mike 1111 of CO's picture
We have Ph.D. cab drivers and waiters. There is a massive surplus of STEM workers. We need More Jobs, Less Immigrants, and No Amnesty. This will get our economy growing again. Stop the Gang of Ocho !