Recognizing the results of the recent elections, Virginia Representative Eric Cantor, who also serves as the Chief Deputy Whip, said in a Washington Times article that the Republican Party is no longer “relevant” in the minds of voters. He said it’s time the Party began formulating solutions to national problems rather than espousing principles.

Cantor was quoted by the paper saying that Republicans should “"be very wise about the battles we fight.” But he also disagrees with many pundits who say Republicans should move past issues, including immigration.

"It's not a dead issue,” Cantor told the Washington Times. “It's about how do we go about finally enforcing the law, and that's both in the interior as well as at the border.”

When it comes to amnesty, Cantor said a comprehensive immigration plan that includes full amnesty is too broad of an approach.

"This whole notion of comprehensive immigration reform, just like comprehensive Middle East peace, you know, that is too high of a bar,” he told the paper. “You've got to be incremental about it. If they were smart, they'd be incremental about it, but they can't hold back some of their factions.”

Cantor represents Virginia’s seventh district and has a career B-grade with NumbersUSA.

The Washington Times has more on this story.

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Updated: Wed, Nov 19th 2008 @ 9:58am EST