The Gang of Eight has promoted results from flawed polling showing strong support for its amnesty bill to gain momentum, but even the flawed polling is starting to show a drop in enthusiasm from the American people. Three new polls show a significant drop in support for amnesty since the bombings in Boston and details of the Gang of Eight's border security provisions.

A new New York Times poll found that only 43% of Americans support illegal aliens getting citizenship. That's down from 56% that was recorded during the last week of February. The poll also shows that 32% of Americans think illegal aliens should have to give up their jobs and leave the United States - up 12% from February.

A new poll from Quinnipiac University found a similar results: 52% of Americans now believe illegal aliens should be allowed to apply for citizenship, down from 59% in April.  The poll also shows that the number of respondents agreeing with the statement "illegal immigrants should be forced to leave" is up by 5 percentage points to 30%.

However, a poll just released by the Washington Post shows that while the American people may approve of an amnesty for illegal aliens when asked in a certain manner, they still want a secure border and mandatory E-Verify: 67% of respondents to the Post poll want more spending on border security and 83% want businesses to identify and exclude illegal aiens.

Pollster Scott Rasmussen, when asked about the seemingly conflicting polling results, said:

Immigration is a very nuanced issue … Americans want to be welcoming [and] they are also very, very unhappy with the inability to stop increased illegal immigration across the borders.... There is no trust at all that the federal government will actually enforce any provisions on border security.... The most overlooked part of the debate is that people are not angry at immigrants who come here — they understand why someone would want to come here — they’re angry at the federal government for not enforcing the law and because [it seems to be] actively engaged in policies to encourage [illegal] immigration.

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Updated: Fri, May 3rd 2013 @ 6:04pm EDT