strawberry pickers
strawberry pickers


Due to the success of recent immigration raids, U.S. farmers are setting up operations in Mexico because they are having a hard time finding cheap labor that cannot be deported.

A recent survey by the Western Growers Associations shows that American companies now farm more than 45,000 acres and employ more than 11,000 people. Agricultural labor economist James Holt said that, "Employers can't find enough legal workers to replace this huge number of illegal workers....Their only option is to go where the workers are."

However, some in the field argue that U.S. farmers are not willing to offer a decent wage to legal workers. Harley Shaiken, head UC Berkeley's Center for Latin American Studies said, "Labor shortage aways is a question of at what pay rate.... Very often, if the wages are artificially low, it will be very difficult to find work."

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Updated: Wed, May 28th 2008 @ 12:06pm EDT