Rhode Island Statehouse
Rhode Island Statehouse


Rhode Island lawmakers are considering two E-Verify bills designed to prevent the hiring of illegal aliens in the state. The bills, introduced by Peter Palumbo (D-Dist. 16, Cranston), are scheduled for hearings held by the House Committee on Labor at the Statehouse tonight.

One bill, H 7315, would reauthorize former Governor Carcieri's executive order which required state officials and state contractors to use E-Verify and required state police to participate in the federal 287(g) program for local enforcement. The other bill, H 7927, would require all businesses with three or more employees to use E-Verify.

In 2008, then-Governor Don Carcieri issued an executive order to enforce E-Verify, but current Governor Lincoln Chafee immediately ended the program upon taking office.

Terry Gorman, the president of Rhode Islanders for Immigration Law Enforcement, believes the program is "the simplest most immediate solution to our state's budget woes." He said implementing E-Verify would provide an instant deterrent to illegal immigrants coming to Rhode Island work.

Gorman says that E-Verify would open jobs for thousands of Rhode Islanders and returning veterans. Gorman also believes with current school bankruptcy problems and financial woes in Rhode Island cities, the E-Verify program wil save the state millions of dollars.  

NumbersUSA has asked activists in Rhode Island to urge the Rhode Island House Speaker Gordon Fox, Labor Committee Chairperson Anastatsia Williams and members of the House Labor Committee to vote yes on H 7315 and H 7927and support the bills passage.  

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Updated: Tue, Mar 27th 2012 @ 12:49pm EDT