Rep.John Carter
Rep.John Carter


Rep. John Carter (R-Texas), along with other Immigration Reform Caucus members, requested that funds not be cut for border security programs and local law enforcement, according to a press release. 

Carter is a member of the NumbersUSA 5-for-5 Club for cosponsoring at least one bill in each of our 5 Great Solutions categories. He is also the author of H.R.800, the Jobs Recovery by Ensuring a Legal American Workforce Act of 2011 (E-LAW), that makes E-Verify permanent and mandatory for all employees.

The funding request is in response to Obama's 2013 budget that would cut funding for 287(g) Immigration Enforcement Program and the Department of Homeland Security Operation Stonegarden Grants Program.

 "These voluntary programs have been two of the most successful efforts in the nation in helping better secure our borders and communities nationwide from the threats of violent criminal aliens," said Rep. Carter. "While we must look for budget savings, these are two programs that we desperately need to continue at least at the current levels. There is plenty of room in the budget for cuts without lowering the the level of protection provided our citizens from violent criminal aliens."

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Updated: Fri, Mar 23rd 2012 @ 11:12am EDT