Gov. Bob McDonnell
Gov. Bob McDonnell


Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell ordered that all executive branch state agencies must use E-Verify to check all new hires beginning June 1, 2011. The state legislature had passed a bill last year that requires state agencies to begin using E-Verify by the end of 2012, but Gov. McDonnell's executive order implements the law 18 months sooner.

"Federal law rightly requires that companies and governments only employ individuals who may legally work in this country - either U.S. citizens or foreign citizens who have the necessary authorization." Governor McDonnell said through a press release. "My administration has focused on enforcing the nation's immigration laws to ensure that all of those working in Virginia's public and private sectors are legally eligible to do so.

"The General Assembly passed legislation last year instructing our state agencies to use this federal resource to check employment eligibility based upon immigration status, and I felt strongly that we should implement this policy as quickly as possible. By working closely with our state agencies and the Department of Human Resource Management, we have accelerated this change to begin a year and a half earlier than we had anticipated. We must consistently and correctly enforce the laws of this nation; our country is based on the rule of law. E-Verify will ensure that every state job is held by a legally authorized worker."

Virginia is one of 13 states to pass a mandatory E-Verify law. Last year, the legislature mandated the use of E-Verify for state agencies, and last month, the legislature mandated it for state contractors.

"Virginia employs more than 100,000 people, so it is incumbent upon us to remain vigilant in ensuring the legal status of all who are on our payroll," said Lisa Hicks-Thomas, secretary of administration. "Virginia's state agencies will lead by example as we strive to have all Virginia companies participate in this free, easy-to-use program that ensures Virginia's workers are legally eligible for jobs in the U.S."

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Updated: Tue, Mar 22nd 2011 @ 10:42am EDT