A new cell phone app is being developed by a man in Arizona that would help illegal aliens when they get arrested. The app would allow illegal aliens to immediately notify their friends, family, and legal representation and the location of the arrest should they get picked up by police.

"It's an alert system for family, for loved ones, for your legal representation to be aware you're getting stopped and at what point you're getting stopped," immigration activist Lydia Guzman told CBS News.

The app would use GPS to determine the location of the arrest and also have the capability of video and audio recording that could possibly used to defend the illegal alien during a trial.

"If you're able to set the phone down and record what's going on around you, that's all stuff that can be used as evidence in trial," the app's developer Todd Landfried said. 

The app is being developed after Arizona passed its tough illegal immigration enforcement law SB1070 in 2010. The Arizona Police Association doesn't think the app will make police think twice about enforcing the law.

"Our men and women in uniform will not shirk from our responsibility to uphold and equally enforce the law."

For more information, see CBS News.

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Updated: Thu, Mar 15th 2012 @ 7:44am EDT