Rep. Lamar Smith
Rep. Lamar Smith


Representative Lamar Smith (R-Texas) had an op-ed published in Monday's edition of USA Today speaking up for the more than 14 million unemployed United States citizens. The letter was published in response to the USA Today editorial "Recession freezes immigration debate but points to answers" also published in Monday's paper.

Rep. Lamar Smith is a ranking member on the House Judiciary Committee and has a career grade of an A+ with a record of consistently standing up for American workers and reduced immigration levels.

"Congressman Lamar Smith has been fighting for sensible immigration since 1989, and with this op-ed he illustrates why I think he may now be at his greatest energy ever in fighting for the average American worker and community," said NumbersUSA President Roy Beck.

In Rep. Smith's op-ed, he wrote...

Unemployment hit 15.5% last month for American workers without high school diplomas. It makes no sense to give amnesty or a "path to citizenship" to millions of illegal immigrants who would compete with unemployed Americans for scarce jobs and drive down their wages.

... To achieve immigration reform, the choices are not just amnesty or mass deportation. A strategy of "attrition through enforcement" would dramatically reduce the number of illegal immigrants over time.

... Amnesty would cost Americans their jobs, depress wages, burden taxpayers and encourage even more illegal immigration. On the other hand, enforcing immigration laws would increase respect for the rule of law and reduce illegal immigration.

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Updated: Mon, Jun 29th 2009 @ 2:48pm EDT