Rep. Chris Cannon (R - Utah) was defeated in the Republican primary in Utah's 3rd district. While considered a staunch conservative on many issues, Rep. Cannon is known for being pro-immigration and has sponsored many bills to allow more foreign workers to enter the United States. Americans for Better Immigration gives Rep. Cannon a C grade based on his immigration voting record. Rep. Cannon was defeated by Jason Chaffetz. Chaffetz served as chief of staff for former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman and has repeatedly derided Cannon's record on immigration.

Rep. Cannon's Immigration Record

In 2003, Rep. Cannon sponsored a bill that would have allowed states to charge illegal aliens in-state tuition -- a bill that failed. Throughout his tenure in the House, Cannon has supported numerous bills that would have allowed in thousands of foreign workers at the expense of American workers. Rep. Cannon has also been a great supporter of amnesty for illegal immigration. Americans for Better Immigration gives Cannon a F- for both his voting record on House amnesty bills and his voting record on the importation of foreign workers.

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