A new poll conducted by Progressives for Immigration Reform reveals that progressives believe that high immigration levels have negatively impacted the quality of life in the United States. They also believe that high immigration levels negatively impact the environment and hurt American workers.

The poll revealed:

  • Sixty seven percent of liberals and progressives felt the level of population growth caused by immigration negatively impacts the quality of life in the United States.
  • Fifty eight percent felt that the current levels of immigration are harmful to the environment.
  • Sixty three percent said that current levels of immigration hurts job prospects for American workers.
  • With regard to undocumented workers already here, the poll revealed that self-identified liberals are split over whether illegal immigrants should be offered an amnesty. Fifty three percent were in support of a pathway to citizenship and forty five percent were opposed.

"The results of this poll demonstrate what many on the political left have known for some time," Durant said in a statement issued by Progressives for Immigration Reform. "Immigration is not a partisan issue. There are many progressives and liberals that are concerned about the unintended consequences that large scale immigration has on the environment, economy, and other issues that many liberals are concerned about. It is time to take this issue off the back burner. We need to talk frankly about the effects of immigration and find solutions that benefit both Americans and the global community."

View the poll's full results at the Progressives for Immigration Reform website.

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Updated: Wed, Jun 24th 2009 @ 12:02pm EDT