Sen. Chuck Grassley
Sen. Chuck Grassley


Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Ia.) recently introduced legislation (S. 3093) that would reauthorize the E-Verify program. Grassley's legislation also makes several improvements to the program.

Sen Grassley said, "Nobody could have imagined the sophistication of the documents that illegal aliens use to work in the United States, which has made the E-verify program an even more important and useful tool for employers....With a comprehensive immigration bill highly unlikely this year, we need to enhance the tools that are already on the books and make sure they remain available for employers who want to do their part to comply with the law."

Grassley's bill makes the E-Verify program permanent, requires all contractors of the federal government to use the program, and requires businesses who have a history of illegal hirings to use the program.


Updated: Wed, Dec 30th 2009 @ 10:29am EST