Rep. Ed Royce
Rep. Ed Royce


An amendment that increases spending for the administration of the 287(g) program passed in the House of Representatives on Wednesday by a 267-to-151 margin. The amendment was offered by Rep. Ed Royce (R-Calif.).

Rep. Royce's amendment reallocates $1 million of funds to Immigration and Customs Enforcement to use in the facilitation of 287(g) contracts, taking funding from the Department of Homeland Security's executive management. The original bill (H.R.2017) sets aside $5.4 million for 287(g).

The 287(g) section of the Immigration and Nationality Act allows cooperation between federal immigration enforcement agents and local police officers.

In passage of the amendment, 232 Republicans and 36 Democrats voted in favor of the amendment.

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Updated: Thu, Jun 2nd 2011 @ 6:02pm EDT