Sen. David Vitter & Sen. Charles Grassley
Sen. David Vitter & Sen. Charles Grassley


Yesterday, the Senate adopted two immigration-reduction amendments through a voice vote, marking our third and fourth victories this week. Sen. Charles Grassley's (R-Iowa) E-Verify amendment to the Homeland Security spending bill allows employers to check the workplace eligibility of all employees, not just new hires. Sen. David Vitter's (R-La.) No-Match amendment prevents further delay in the implementation of a Bush Administration rule allowing the Social Security to send No-Match letters to employers.

The Bush Administration adopted a rule that would allow the Social Security Administration to notify employers when an employee's social security number and name don't match. Often, a no-match signals the hiring of an illegal alien who used falsified documents during the hiring process. The rule has been delayed, and on July 8, the Obama Administration announced they were rescinding the Bush rule altogether. But the Vitter amendment ensures the No-Match letter program is enacted.

Sen. Grassley's amendment allows any employer using E-Verify to check their eligibility since current law only allows the use of E-Verify with new hires.

"Employers across the country want to abide by the rule of law and hire people who are legally in this country," Sen. Grassley said in an statement issued from his office. "E-verify is an effective and inexpensive tool to easily allow employers the opportunity to check the work status of their employees. When people enter this country and are hired illegally, they create undue delays and hardship for people following the rules. E-Verify is a benefit to employers who wish to abide by the law as well as to Americans who can’t find work because of illegal immigration."

Grassley's amendment has become more important since Pres. Obama took office. The administration has said that worksite enforcement will focus on the employers who hire illegal aliens rather the individuals working illegally.
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Updated: Wed, Dec 30th 2009 @ 11:50am EST