Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) yesterday led a group of Senators in asking Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) to ensure passage of legislation to reauthorize E-Verify before the program expires in November. In a related press release, Sen. Grassley noted "Congress is running out of time to reauthorize and even enhance E-Verify. If this program expires, it gives employers even greater opportunity to hire illegal aliens…It's time for the Majority Leader to act and ensure this tool is available for employers who want to do their part to comply with the law."

Sen. Grassley and twelve other Senators -- Kyl, Specter, Isakson, Vitter, Chambliss, DeMint, Sessions, Inhofe, Ensign, Coburn, Graham, and Allard – sent a letter to Majority Leader Reid noting that nearly 80,000 employers use E-Verify now and more than 1,000 employers voluntarily sign up for the program each week. The letter notes that businesses using the program need to know Congress will not let it die, and that extending the program will keep employers accountable while giving them the tools needed to abide by the law in their hiring practices.

In June, Sen. Grassley introduced legislation (S. 3093) that would permanently reauthorize E-Verify and makes several improvements to the program. Among other things, the bill would require: businesses who have a history of illegal hirings to use E-Verify; employers to re-verify employees who are in the United States on temporary status; and federal contractors to use the program (something already being implemented by the Bush Administration).

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Updated: Wed, Dec 30th 2009 @ 10:29am EST