On July 23rd, Mexico’s 50 Consular offices across the U.S. held national DREAMer Day events in preparation for the Obama Administration’s Executive Amnesty. The events, held in partnership with the pro-illegal alien group United We Dream, are part of an ongoing effort to ensure that Mexican-born individuals have the information and documentation necessary to apply for the amnesty.

The amnesty could benefit more than 1.4 million illegal aliens under the age of 31 who meet certain criteria. The Obama Administration is scheduled to begin taking applications on August 15th.

According to Gabriela Márdero, spokeswoman for the Mexican Consulate in San Francisco, Consular officials are making sure those born in Mexico have a Mexican passport that proves who they are to qualify for the relief directive. "Most of these people don't have an ID," she said. "They have a birth certificate, but the birth certificate doesn't have a photo."

United We Dream is working with foreign embassies from other countries to establish similar outreach events. The group also is hosting community outreach forums across the nation.

For more information, read here. To view a (Spanish) copy of the Mexican Embassy flyer for amnesty applicants, read here.

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Updated: Fri, Jul 27th 2012 @ 10:28am EDT