According to a report released to the Center for Immigration Studies from the Department of Homeland Security, E-Verify is being used to verify the workplace eligibility of 1 in 4 workers. The system remains mostly voluntary, although 12 states have some mandatory usage laws in effect. Still, E-Verify is being used by more than half a million worksites and could have more than 12 million queries in 2009.

In 2007, E-Verify checked only 1 in 9 applicants nationwide. By 2008, the system was handling 6 million queries. But its increased popularity and the focus of worksite enforcement raids during the later years of the Bush Administration caused more companies to register.

E-Verify is currently set to expire in September unless Congress re-authorizes the system. A permanent extension was added to the Senate Homeland Security Bill two weeks ago (sign the petition), but the bill is currently in conference committee. The SAVE Act, which is expected to be introduced in both chambers of Congress this week, would make E-Verify mandatory nationwide.


Updated: Wed, Dec 30th 2009 @ 11:39am EST