Rep. Heath Shuler & Sen. Mark Pryor
Rep. Heath Shuler & Sen. Mark Pryor


Rep. Heath Shuler (D-N.C.) and Sen. Mark Pryor (D-Ark.) introduced the SAVE Act to both chambers of Congress today with bi-partisan support. The SAVE Act, which is designated H.R. 3308 in the House and S. 1505 in the Senate, would provide a comprehensive approach to immigration enforcement by securing the borders, putting an end to unlawful employment, and enhancing and fully utilizing current methods of interior enforcement.

See the press release issued by Sen. Pryor's office.

The SAVE Act, if passed and implemented this year, would probably do more than any other action of Congress to put unemployed Americans back to work over the next years. By separating U.S. jobs from illegal foreign workers, the SAVE Act would open up millions of manufacturing, service and construction jobs to our returning military veterans and other unemployed Americans.

-- NumbersUSA President Roy Beck's Endorsement of the SAVE Act

In securing the borders, the SAVE Act would:

  • add 6,000 border patrol agents, utilizing new technology;
  • improve recruitment with focus on former agents and former members of the Armed Services and Reserves; and
  • create a pilot program to increase aerial surveillance, satellite and equipment sharing with the Departments of Homeland Security and Defense.

In fighting illegal hiring, the SAVE Act would:

  • make E-Verify mandatory for all employers;
  • increase monitoring of compliance of the E-Verify system;
  • require notification of identity theft; and
  • require information sharing between the Social Security Administration, Department of Homeland Security and the Internal Revenue Service.

In increasing interior enforcement, the SAVE Act would:

  • add ICE agents and increase grants to local law enforcement; and
  • expedite the deportation process by increasing detention capacity and the number of immigration judges.

The SAVE Act receives NumbersUSA's full endorsement, and you can read Roy Beck's endorsement letter posted in his blog on July 22. You can also read his individual letters sent to both Rep. Shuler and Sen. Pryor.

Also, see Roy's video blog from earlier this week where he emphasizes the importance of the SAVE Act, and check your Action Buffet for a list of faxes thanking your Members of Congress that have already cosponsored the SAVE Act or urging them to do so.

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