Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., offered an amendment to the unemployment benefits extension bill (S. 1845) that would make E-Verify mandatory for all employers within one year of enactment. The amendment also incorporates language from Sen. Chuck Grassley's (R-Iowa) Accountability through Electronic Verification Act that would create a mechanism within E-Verify to identify potential fraud or misuse of the system, and establish audits of Social Security fraud.

Sen. Sessions released this statement concerning his amendment:

“This commonsense amendment would simply require that E-Verify be used by employers to prevent corporations from hiring illegal workers and therefore undercutting employment opportunities for American workers. If our colleagues in the majority are serious about helping jobless Americans then they should both allow this amendment to come to a vote and support it when it does. Senate Democrats must decide whether their fidelity is to special interest groups, politics, and big government, or to everyday U.S. workers struggling to get by in a low-wage economy with high unemployment.”

Sen. Kelly Ayotte, R-N.H., offered an amendment to the bill that borrowed from a measure Sen. Sessions proposed during the recent budget deal. Her amendment would ban the use of Individual Tax Identification Numbers in applications for the Additional Child tax credit. Illegal aliens who work and file tax returns with an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number can apply for the Additional Child Tax Credit. The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration found that illegal aliens claimed $4.2 billion refundable credits in 2010.

America's Jobless
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Updated: Fri, Jan 10th 2014 @ 6:48am EST

Robert 4907 of DE's picture
I'm against extending any benefits, but, if we can get Mandatory E-Verify in ALL businesses and check all employees, I guess it is worth it. We MUST get rid of the illegal aliens so Americans can get the jobs. When is enough enough with these invaders? WHEN?
Van 0864 of VA's picture
NumbersUSA takes no position on the overall legislation or the extension of unemployment benefits, but we need to make sure this bill protects Americans from increased foreign worker competition and illegal workers.
Jm  2943 of CO's picture
Dont forget to include in this independent contractor work so we dont have illegals doing this and displacing US citizens who also do this work.
Gene 5798 of TX's picture
In the words of a famous Nebraskan, "Git'er done!" Otherwise it is just election year gestures, feel good motions for the folks back home.
Joel 6067 of CA's picture
Over, and over, and over again, Senator Session is in the trenches supporting the American People. He is very sharp. His country accent lulls you, but if you cross him, he does a marvolus job of straightening you out. We need to think of him as the next potential President of the United States, and get every troop we have on the streets for him. The dribbling idiots in Washington won't mind nailing us to the barn yard wall ... at all. Support Sessions.
Troy and Donna 5386 of CA's picture
The Senator has a Alabama accent which is from the English settlers who came to America in the 1700s and earlier. There are many different southern accents in the south. Some from the Irish and Scots and more.
Alicia 8676 of MI's picture
Sessions is *so* great, the real thing. Ayotte is just trying to save herself after stupidly voting for the senate amnesty bill in June. I mean, last summer she's ok with giving illegals full citizenship, but NOW draws the line at a child tax credit? How transparent can you get? Primary that mess!
Troy and Donna 5386 of CA's picture
I have watched Senator Sessions on C-span and totally agree with his agenda on the immigration problem. He has the common sense we need for our failing country. I just wish we had more like him. I'm very disappointed in my state representatives and others. I can't wait for the next election. I'm hoping we will be "cleaning house" and especially the Senate!
Karen 6880 of AZ's picture
Wishing all knew that Sen Sessions favors American citizens. He's standing firm on opposing illegal immigration, Amnesty and permanent work permits to illegals in any form.
Andrew 4879 of TX's picture
Sen. Sessions has done a great job opposing the open-borders agenda. He's actually representing Americans, who would've thought.
Andrew 4879 of TX's picture
With so many traitors in Congress willing to provide illegal aliens with American jobs and welfare and then wanting to legalize these criminals to flood the job market, it's rare that a Member of Congress is representing the interests of Americans.
Gene 5798 of TX's picture
I sent email to Obama requesting that he contact Reid and others of his party requesting (in spirit of bi-partisanship) support for this amendment.
M 2510 of MA's picture
Grassley used to be strong also but he has lately been quiet on this front. Sessions is probably the person in Congress most aligned with NumbersUSA. We need to keep him there and speaking on the floor.
Thomas 2924 of IN's picture
These are excellent amendments and they give Senators of both parties an opportunity to tell us whether they are with ordinary Americans or with venal special interests. I think we know where the corrupt politicians we allow to run our country will stand, but thank you Senator Sessions for standing up for the American people, the most completely neglected constituency in Washington.
None 2150 of WY's picture
Thank you Senator Sessions for your efforts. Just hope they listen to COMMOM SENSE ! Sorry for double post. For some reason my caps didn't work. All due respect to the readers and Senator Sessions.
Martha 5127 of FL's picture
Sen. Sessions' amendment on immigration makes a common sense addition for any worker amnesty idea. Why should lawbreakers have the jobs that unskilled American citizens are capable of doing? Rather than paying these persons not to work, make it a requirement again that they do seek jobs. Many unemployed would like to do so but illegal workers are filling the jobs...sad note on employers' ethics. This amendment is the incentive to be honest.
Lechelle 5846 of CO's picture
Senator Sessions is one of the few Polticians that standing up for the American worker. I wish he would run for President in 2016, he would have my vote .
Patricia 6962 of KY's picture
I love the amendment and wold go one step further and ask the E-verify program be added to voter registration. Keep up the good fight. We are depending on you to speak for us.
Diane 9350 of NJ's picture
I agree, E-Verify for every voter and worker. I know of states that you can vote more than once in. this has to stop. those who don't have a driver's license can get a non driver's license or a special voter card similar to the driver's license with photo ic.
Gene 5798 of TX's picture
I DO NOT understand the allowance of one year to comply with E-verify requirement. The system is there, it works, so, please explain why more than 30 days other than sucking up to someone?
Charles 3391 of SD's picture
Simple Solution to Illegal Immigration; One new simple law would solve multiple problems. 1. Employers hiring an illegal immigrant worker will be fined no less than the cost of returning that illegal worker to their country of origin. No exceptions, no loopholes. If this law was made and enforced, employers would not hire illegal immigrants. No jobs, Millions would flee. Many of the unemployed now living on your tax dollar, would have to replace all those leaving.
Gene 5798 of TX's picture
Charles3391, nothing wrong with your suggestion, however how can we trust Congress to enforce anything on alien immigration. They have'nt for 28 years, it is why I've decided that working with any of these screwball in Congress cannot be left in charge of latrine cleaning, let alone alien purging!
Duane 7810 of TX's picture
Was in a McDonald's restaurant in Waco, TX this weekend and they had a sign posted stating "This Employer Uses E-Verify In Hiring"....thought good for them, we need more of this commitment from businesses.
Thomas 2924 of IN's picture
It looks like Jeff's excellent amendment will not even get a vote. I guess the leaders of both parties thought it too embarrassing for their members to have to prove that they favor crooked corporations over constituents.
Esther 7135 of CA's picture
Do these politicians do this just to look good? It get soooooooooooo old. Congress isn't EVER going to do anything worthwhile to solve illegal immigration. We're being overrun by these people and no one and I mean no one CARES.Hola, comprhende?
Tom 6598 of AZ's picture
No sure most of the illegal aliens are filing anyway. Employ contractors and build Duncan Hunters Double Wall Birder Fence across the entire Border. Come through the gate with paperwork or stay home. STOP ALL WELFARE TO ILLEGAL ALIENS.