Sen. Jerry Moran
Sen. Jerry Moran


Sen. Jerry Moran (R-Kan.) has introduced an amendment to the unemployment extension bill currently being considered in the Senate that would add up to 50,000 new green cards per year with no offsets. His amendment includes the full language for S.310, the Startup Act 3.0, which would create 50,000 provisional green cards for foreign students who graduate with a degree in a STEM field and an additional 75,000 visas for entrepreneurs, which can also become permanent green cards.

Sen. Moran's amendment would create more job competition, particularly for recent college graduates, who have had a difficult time finding work in recent years. Unemployment for 18-29 year olds is currently at its highest level in more than three decades. Further, there are 1.5 million engineers who are working non-engineering jobs.

Here are more details on Startup 3.0:

STEM Grads

The legislation authorizes 50,000 new conditional permanent resident visas for science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM) graduate aliens. In order to qualify, an alien must first have graduated from a U.S. institution higher education with a degree in one of the designated STEM areas. Following graduation, qualifying aliens may remain in the U.S. for up to 1 year if they are diligently seeking "active engagement" in the STEM field. "Active engagement" is defined as gainful employment in a STEM field in the private sector, employment in the STEM field with a US government entity, or teaching at least one STEM course at an institute of higher education.

If a STEM graduate is considered actively engaged in a STEM field, and remains actively engaged, he or she may remain in the US indefinitely as a permanent resident. Aliens granted conditional permanent resident status under this section are not eligible for federal assistance in the form of unemployment benefits or any means-tested public benefits. After 5 years, the condition of the permanent residency will be lifted, and the years of conditional permanent residency will be counted toward the 5-year residency requirement for naturalization.

Aliens who qualify for conditional permanent residence under this section for at least a 1-year period, then cease to be active (due to loss of job, etc.), are given 6 additional months before they are officially considered to be in violation of the condition of their permanent residence.

Immigrant Entrepreneurs

The legislation further authorizes 75,000 new visas for certain qualified immigrant entrepreneurs. Qualified entrepreneurs are aliens who are lawfully present in the United States and hold either an H-1B visa or F visa. The conditional immigrant visa in this section includes conditional permanent resident status.

During the first year after obtaining the new visa, the visa holder must register at least one new business entity in a state, employ at least two full-time employees of no relation to the visa holder, and invest (or raise a capital investment of) at least $100,000.

In the following three years, the visa holder's business must employ an average of five full-time employees of no relation to the visa holder. If an alien no longer qualifies, the Secretary of Homeland Security shall revoke the visa and notify the alien.

Per-Country Numerical Limitation

The per-country numerical limitation is eliminated for employment-based visas, and increased from 7% to 15% for family-based immigrants. 

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Updated: Thu, Jan 9th 2014 @ 7:33am EST

James 2867 of FL's picture
We already have a law that allows Farm work Visas, but the Land owners do not like it because they would have to supply transportation and Housing. Use the Visa program and forget more green cards. You do not have to pass anything..
Caroline 7445 of CO's picture
So he wants to extend unemployment benefits for Americans AND increase legal immigration numbers. MY amendment to the unemployment extension bill: a basic IQ test for all political candidates.
Jerry 5522 of FL's picture
This moron continues the insanity that is present with both parties but for different reasons. He is representing the big business ie Suckleberg faction, that want more foreign tech immigration for their bottom line.
Terri 9170 of IL's picture
Just unbelievable, isn't it? No explanation for this except that some corporatist is paying him. This is why the Republican will not get power again. They HAVE to stop being the party that makes the rich richer while average Americans suffer.
Angela 8769 of GA's picture
These Republicans are useless. I just read an article about Issa proposing the same exact thing. What is wrong with the Republican party???
June 3610 of TX's picture
Here's another one I just saw recently,Gary. How about AINO - Americans in name only. Surely, anyone who wants to replace their fellow citizens, can't really claim to be an American in the true sense of the word.
Mike 1111 of CO's picture
This is just idiotic. STEM jobs are great for OUR young people. Don't give STEM jobs to foreigners, and don't import foreigners to take STEM jobs.
Terri 9170 of IL's picture
What in the world is wrong with these people? Other than the fact that the billionaire corporatists are lining their greedy, dishonest pockets. Adding more immigrants to an unemployment bill because millions of Americans can't get a job. This guy is nuts and we should fax him and tell him so.
Robert 4907 of DE's picture
Not sure this is a good idea with so many Americans out of work. Wish he would introduce a bill for some comprehensive ENFORCEMENT reform to get the illegal aliens out of this country. This would help to open up jobs for Americans.
Terri 9170 of IL's picture
Must be a devotee of Grover Norquist: " The perfect system for America is an unending supply of cheap foreign labor subsidized by the taxpayers." (Except for him and the other corporatists, of course). These people are pure evil.
John 4110 of MI's picture
Senator Johnson is requesting funds to fight in court Obama waiver of some Affordable Care Act requirements. He is a pro amnesty Republican. I sent a letter asking for opposition to all suspensions of law by the President - and not selectively choosing ones that he does not like.
John 4110 of MI's picture
There does not seem to be any automatic adjustment for clear weaknesses in the labor market for people in these fields. If these fields become weak Americans will turn away but immigrants will keep coming - its their path to a green card. The immigrants will of course eventually shift fields.
Caroline 7445 of CO's picture
Under STEM Grads above: "Active engagement" is defined as ... employment in the STEM field with a US government entity... ." What? Patricia, your idea is a good one. If he's saying non-citizens can work in jobs in the federal govt, those jobs reserved for those with U.S. citizenship, why not have non-citizens replace senators and congressmen also. Sen. Jerry Moran (R-KS) = Sen. Jerry Moron (Turncoat-KS).
Alfredo 2973 of FL's picture
I OPPOSE your OUTRAGEOUS BILL...we need a DECREASE in the amount of Foreign workers that are allowed to come to the USA...Stop the Bleeding Now... As for myself...I was unemployed for 8 Whole months...and I currently work part-time in a less desirable job because I have not been able to find a decent full-time job with a decent hourly wage or decent salary...and it looks bad on your resume if you are not employed for more than a year...I have an outstanding resume to boot with outstanding experience... I have 2 College Degrees an A. A. Degree from a Prestigious Community College, in Business Administration, and a B.B.A. Degree from a Prestigious University in Business Management...Over 20 years of outstanding experience, which includes over 6 years of Assistant Manager Experience; furthermore, over 20 years of outstanding Inside / Outside Sales Experience... If any decent companies are looking for an outstanding innovative individual like me...I am here...and ready to work full-time...GUARANTEE YOU WILL NOT FIND A MORE PERSISTENT AND DEDICATED INDIVIDUAL...Please contact me by responding to this post. Thank you! : ) For those that argue that USA Citizens don't have the necessary skills- -I say BULL...T!...These are the same companies / people that are hiring H-1B Visa People and paying them much lower wages...thus decreasing the number of decent paying jobs for U.S.A. Citizens...or hiring part-time individuals and over-working their current labor force... I live in FL and I am willing to relocate, and have been actively looking for an outstanding opportunity for over 2 years...CareerBuilder, Execunet, The Ladders, etc...and many others... My last salary + perks was $75,000; previous to that my last salary + perks was $50,000...and most of the feedback I get is for selling insurance (I would have to get my insurance license) or working as a salesperson for a lawn service company 6 days a week??? Which I am not interested in ...Thank you!... The USA Economy is in a very Bad State- -no matter what you here from the HYPED-UP MEDIA and their silly little statistics...The U.S.A. is in a fragile state- -and let's face it- -decent jobs are nowhere to be found... There are many reasons for are DEPRESSED Economy...The FAILURE OF NAFTA...has led to the loss of USA Citizens jobs... Constant Erosion of the USA's Middle Class on a daily basis...and the exportation of are Middle Class Standards to China and other foreign countries which are turning are USA Middle Class Society into a Poverty Society...all so we can shop at Wal-mart...which I boycott... The National Statistics show that 95% of the Wealth that was generated over the last 20 years in the USA went to the top 5% of Corporations Individuals in the USA...This Income Disparity is OUTRAGEOUS! I remain always HOPEFUL!... : )
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Tricia 8593 of TX's picture
The company that I work for has been hiring legal immigrant engineers for way lower wages than the American engineers. Most of them have left for greener pastures. this is the reason the chamber of commerece is pushing for more immigrants. I say pay a fair wage to Americans!
Mary 7400 of CA's picture
What ARE you thinking? Did you vote to "offset" programs in order to continue unemployment for Americans? Why don't you "offset" this further stupidity?
Julie 7441 of WI's picture
It's about time politicians start worrying about Americans instead of how to pander to the amnesty vote. Obama is doing a good enough job of killing jobs without importing more foreign workers. We're extending unemploymnet benefits and increasing foreign workers? does this even make sense?
Bob 2007 of KS's picture
To bad you aren't up for re-election this year Jer, I would do everything I could do to see that you get primaried. Please be the CONSERVATIVE you were sent there to be! Bob Ross
Gordon 6403 of FL's picture
This man(?) does not represent the people of the United States of America and should be voted out of office the next time his re-election comes before the people of his state.
Laura 4021 of AK's picture
You are a traitor to America. Stop giving our jobs and our money away. Send the illegals back where they came from and close our boarders. Read the Constitution. Stop spying lieing and cheating us. Stop taking the people of AMericas money and sending it to countries that hate us. Stop printing money and spending you don't have! Get out of our personal lives and give us our freedoms back
Gary 4089 of FL's picture
We strongly oppose any one who offers AMNESTY in any way, shape, or form, be it direct or indirect methods to illegal immigrants and their offspring! Illegal immigrants are criminals & a huge financial burden to USA! Taxpayers are sick & tired of being forced to subsidize them. Why Obama and Congress are out to destroy this country is beyond belief! Breaking our laws should never be rewarded!
Diane 9350 of NJ's picture
I do not support any amnesty that does not REQUIRE immediate steps for citizenship. If they want what we have; then become one of us. Pay your taxes. I'd rather see Americans put to work first. If we have jobs left over then we can fill them with legal immigrants.
Alan 2438 of IL's picture
On the backs of the unemployed and the extension deadline?? Reprehensible!! Nothing boils my blood more than these dirty, low-down filthy politicians. People need to KNOW these Republicans are EVERY bit as dirty as their Democratic counterparts. They never stop....this has to get out to the public so they can see the filthy scum that is "representing" them in congress. I am at all time high with frustration.
M 2510 of MA's picture
Sen Moron's amendment is ridiculous on its face tied to an unemployement benefits extension bill. Let's make sure he is ridiculed in the public.
Albert 3441 of PA's picture
I would like to see a listing of the corporations (and their lobbyists) that bankrolled his last election campaign. That would probably explain the basis of his support for this US worker replacement proposal.
Philip 5927 of AZ's picture
Boos should be heard loudly from us all who don't like this idiotic traitor's senseless amendment. He dares insult every unemployed American citizen! He represents MONEY only! Our government is operated by so many rich, selfish, greedy, two-faced politicians who always follow money. I am very tired of them for always making many wrong amendments. Today you would not easily find a honest politician like Sen. Sessions who does not follow money.
Michael 2945 of IL's picture
THIS IS REDICULOUS, THINK ABOUT THE EVERYDAY Americans that are legally living in this country and struggling to make a decent life!! why would you want to allow more people that have illegally entered this country not be penalized and given benefits they do not deserve on the backs of the working class in our great Nation.
Joan 1545 of PA's picture
What mechanism will ever get them to leave if things don't work out? Any children they have will be given citizenship at birth, just like every other child born in the US at this time. Any temporary program is just a fantasy.
Van 0864 of VA's picture
I realize it seems like a fantasy that the feds will some day enforce the laws on the books but if they do, we can get illegal aliens to leave.
Ralph E 9098 of VA's picture
this is totally outrageous we have over 12 million illegals here now and this idiot wants to extend more green cards to illegals, what ever state and district he is from needs to go
Robert 4557 of TX's picture
Folks, there are just as many bad Republicans on immigration as Democrats. Let's get rid of Graham, Alexander, Cornyn, Moran, Corker, Ayotte, Heller, and all the others who put the greedy desires of the Chamber of Commerce above the 90 million Americans locked out of the workforce.