While campaigning in Iowa last week, Mitt Romney was asked about his stance on the DREAM act, a bill that would allow a path to citizenship for minors in the country illegally. "The question is, if I were elected and Congress were to pass the Dream Act, would I veto it? And the answer is yes," said the candidate, speaking in Le Mars, Iowa.

Yesterday, after coming off a photo-finish victory in the Iowa Caucuses, Romney wasted no time reiterating his stance against the DREAM act.

"They want good jobs in America and rising incomes. If they want a president who is going to talk to them about a handout or more benefits for free, they got that guy [Pres. Obama]."

Romney, who in addition to opposing the DREAM act, previosuly made comments supporting Attrition the Enforcement to combat the nation's illegal immigration problem. But on Wednesday, Romney also spoke in favor of increasing legal immigration into the United States, which is already at over 1 million legal immigrants per year. 

"I think people, whether they're Hispanic or non-Hispanic, I think people agree that we'll enforce immigration laws in part to secure legal immigration as an important pathway to this country," Romney said. "I like legal immigration, I want more legal immigration. But illegal immigration has to be stopped to make legal immigration possible."

Illegal Immigration

Updated: Fri, Jan 6th 2012 @ 10:58am EST