Polling data of likely voters in New England states show that a majority of people believe illegal immigration harms their vital interests and that overall levels of immigration need to be reduced. 

The polling data, conducted by Pulse Opinion Research, reveal that across New England politicians are out-of-step with the views of their constituents. While governors and state legislatures are providing new benefits to illegal aliens, voters support policies that would discourage illegal aliens from settling in their states.  

In five of the six New England states, at least 65% believe that illegal immigration negatively affects their state. In Vermont 55% have this belief. 

In all six states, at least 65% oppose in-state tuition subsidies and/or admission of illegal aliens to public universities.  

When asked about Arizona immigration enforcement policies, at least 60% support similar policies in three of the five states polled. In Massachusetts, 56% support of such policies.

In four of the six states, more than 50% support reducing overall immigration to the U.S.

In five of the six states, less than 10% support an overall increase in immigration.  

The poll was conducted by Pulse Opinion Research on behalf of Federation for American Immigration Reform.  

For more information on the 2012 New England Poll, see Federation for American Immigration Reform 

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Updated: Mon, Jan 30th 2012 @ 2:57pm EST