Reps. Lamar Smith and Gary Miller
Reps. Lamar Smith and Gary Miller


A new study commissioned by the Chicago Urban League and the Alternative Schools Network reveals the negative impacts of illegal immigration on low-skilled American workers, specifically teens and young adults.

As a result of the study, the group is calling for $1.5 billion of economic stimulus money to help employ young Americans or get them re-enrolled in school. The study found that the unemployment rate among Illinois teens was 20 points below the 2000 level, setting an all-time high. But increased immigration enforcement to root out the estimated 7 million illegal aliens in the U.S. workforce would help free up jobs for America's lower skilled workers.

Ranking Member of the House Judiciary Committee Lamar Smith (R-Texas) and Rep. Gary Miller (R-Calif.), who introduced the LEAVE Act that would increase interior enforcement, released a statement about the study's findings.

During the course of the 2007-2009 recession, the employment rate of the nation’s teen[s] feel steeply to 26.2% by October-November 2009, setting new record lows each year. No other age group has experienced employment declines of this magnitude in the current recession. Young adults 20-24 years old in both Illinois and the nation also have been adversely affected by the deterioration in labor market developments in the state and nation in recent years, especially men, Blacks and Hispanics, and non-college graduates.

-- Representatives Smith and Miller

In their joint statement, Reps. Smith and Miller said that the jobs these Americans and legal immigrants seek are the same jobs held by illegal aliens.

“The fact is that illegal immigrants take jobs from American workers, particularly poor and disadvantaged citizens and legal immigrants. The best outcome for low-skilled citizen and legal immigrant workers is the removal of the illegal immigrant population. The very jobs that illegal immigrants occupy rightfully belong to out of work citizens and legal immigrants," Ranking Member Smith added. “With 15 million Americans out of work, we need to enforce immigration laws and oppose amnesty for 12 million illegal immigrants. We must stand up for citizens and legal immigrants.”

“At home in California, almost weekly I hear from my constituents that illegal immigration is exacerbating the unemployment crisis," Rep. Miller said. "Today’s report that a record number of young Americans are jobless once again highlights the fact that we must enforce our current immigration laws to ensure illegals do not take away jobs that rightfully belong to American and legal workers.”

Reps. Smith and Miller recently formed the Reclaim American Jobs Caucus.

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Updated: Thu, Jun 5th 2014 @ 11:09am EDT

Gerry 7969 of CA's picture
The tide is turning politicaly our way so we must keep on top off this like never before!, there are MILLIONS of Americans and legal immigrants out of work and what do the Goverment do NOTHING! they stand back and allow these illegal immigrants to occupy Jobs we the people need!! This is the time to get our country back to a nation of laws and that does not mean giving Amnesty to illegal immigrants that laugh at out weak enforcement laws and continue to pick up paychecks, commit fraud in order to steal American jobs enough is enough, enforce E-verify to every employer and drive the illegals out and Law abbiding Citizens AND legal immigrants will quickly fill their JOBS!!
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Keith 6902 of OH's picture
Call, write and email your senators and reps. every day and tell them we do not need any immigration reform. We only need enforcement reform. The system is not broken. Enforcement is broken. We all have to stand up and do our part. Don't let any senator or rep. off the hook. Call call call! And each new candidate for every office from local to state to national needs to be asked what their stance is on illegal immigration. And be sure they give you an answer. Don't let them beat around the bush and evade the question. We need to keep the pressure on.
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Mary 6016 of VA's picture
If Obama, the majority of Democrats and some Republicans truly cared about our unemployed and health care costs, employment verification would be required for all jobs and put an end to birthright citizenship. Obama previously admitted that illegals go to the E.R. and we pay for them, so with massive unemployment and higher health care costs, getting illegals out of our jobs and country, would reduce two major magnets. Neither solution costs this government any additional dollars because when these two mandates are made public, the majority of illegals will leave on their own and not come back. Mary 866-887-6629
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Barbara 9589 of AR's picture
I agree with Mary/Keith & Gerry we got to do something about the illegal ailens here in our country ( 8 million my last reading ) The high cost of feeding, clothing. medical , & housing of these people has helped enormously in our recession we are now in. We need to worry about our own people needs. It burns me up to have to press 1 when I talk on the phone or any other thing I am trying to do, stop this now NO MORE FREEBIES TO ILLEGALS give USA back to Americans now. Thank you Barbara from Arkansas
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Elizabeth 0147 of GA's picture
"WE THE PEOPLE" are all of like mind on this. We must not let up now. Keep the pressure up on the Federal level AND now (thanks to Numbers USA) we can do the same on the State level. We appreciate Roy and all his crew!
Gilda 9678 of NM's picture
May I add something that not too many people know about--- illegals are given free housing besides free education which costs Americans billions of dollars. Plus everything else they get free while weAmericans have to pay for hospital care... so many of our own people go without.I agree with everyone that all illegals should be sent back to their own country where ever that my be.Gilda T, NMback to their own country.
Rhonda 1258 of TX's picture
Not only is it taking jobs away it is ever increasing the language barrier that keeps Americans out of work. This has created non-diverse employment and the requirement that, like myself, must speak spanish to be employed in their HR department. Yes I can speak some spanish but it should not be a requirement for me to work there if it is not a requirement for the spanish population to speak english....
Jan 0792 of WI's picture
While our own citizens struggle to find employment, we are also required to pay for benefits to illegals, which includes welfare, housing, medical care and education. All the while illegals pay nothing for the services they receive, they are sending billions of dollars to their home countries in the form of remittances. This is money that should be spent in the U.S. economy.
Susan 3073 of CA's picture
I thought that I had seen it all concerning the outrageous way employee's hire illegal's over american citizen's. Unfortunately I had not.. Going shopping in a popular dept. store the manager was having the regular start of the day meeting with employee's. It was shocking beyond belief when nearing the group standing in the middle of the store I heard the manager speaking to the employee's in spanish! God help our unemployed but here in California the most. It has been years that our laws have been disobeyed and it shows with incidents such has this manager who without any qualms, speaks spanish to the spanish speaking employee's he obviously prefers to hire over american citizens. Even if some of these citizen's are hispanic american, why would this manager still feel so free about speaking spanish in an american store? There was a time when it was considered good manner's to speak english only, while doing business, not anymore! I have had mean and nasty looks from store clerks because I refuse to speak spanish. My grandparents on my mother's side migrated from mexico legally and would be rolling over in their graves to know that third world culture has followed their grandchildren even great grandchldren. As was said here, we must keep up the pressure, because even here in California I see a gleamer of hope, thanks to Roy Beck's tenacity and numbersusa's members.
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Albert 0222 of FL's picture
budman of FloridaMiami, Florida is already like visiting another Latin country and Tampa, Florida is quickly becoming the same.Recently, I walked into an Auto Zone auto parts store and Latin music in Spanish was blaring out of a speaker. Observing the employees, I saw 2 Spanish and 1 Asian working there in the open area. I e-mailed the main office of Auto Zone and told them what was going on in one of their main stores in Tampa and stated I was offended by this. They did write back and state it would be looked into. I mention this only to point out it is not only a illegal immigration problem but American as well because these are obviously U.S. Citizens working there whose parents were probably immigrants but prefer to speak Spanish and play Latin Music. It is not proper in an American owned business and should not be condoned.
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Bernadine 8032 of IA's picture
This all started with deregulation so companys could get bigger and bigger. than Canadaand Mexico Could bring thier trucks accross our borders.Canada has new trucks. Mexicohad trucks that would not meet our standers..The government fine our drivers for everything that is wrong.Mexico driver can haul more fright than we can.Canada and Mexico come in here and haul the frieght across our country for4-5 weeks taking profits back to thier country.While USA driver sit 3-6 days waiting for loads or have to take a rate that puts them in the red. I have been told by Mexican Driver when I ask them to speakInglish they donot have this is Mexico they are taking this country over Sate by State.They are doing a good job of it.Now our Government Is planning to Build A super Highway formCanada to south America. does this sound like it is Good for our country? Our Gvernment Has Sold us out. We Have to be very Careful who we elect from now on. WE THE PEOPLE HAVE TO DECIDE IF WE WANT TO KEEP OUR FREEDOM wE WILL HAVE TO FIGHT FOR IT ALL OVER AGAIN. OBAMA'S SNEAR OF GOD BLEES AMERCA AT THE END OF HIS SPEECH WAS TO MUCH. hE LEFT THE STAGE LAUGHING AT US FOOLSBMJ 50009 ia
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Peggy 1964 of PA's picture
This is America...We are not sneaking in other counties to take over while shoving their citizen's out. of their own country. Let them all go back to their own country to fight for their rights like we had to do. They can take all the representatives of America who is for Amnesty back with them to support their wishes and let their own government pay for all of them, we can no longer afford to keep all of these so corrupt criminals who are supposed to be working for 'America. These corrupt representatives all know who they are, and so do all the legal American citizen's. They are all Power Hungry Crooks looking for votes.GET BUSY ALL YOU LEGAL CITIZEN'S OF AMERICA. WE HAVE TO TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK FROM THESE POWER HUNGRY CRIMINALS WHO HAVE TAKEN OVER.We need jobs. We do not want WELFARE LIKE MOST OF THE ILLEGAL'S ARE GETTING .We want jobs so we can work to survive and pay our own way like we used to be allowed to do, without illegal's coming in to take America over because they can, with the help of our own government.. Democrat or Republican. This is AMERICA FORGET THE PARTIES THEY ARE NOT WORKING FOR US ANYMORE. WE HAVE TO LEARN TO STICK TOGETHER.
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Linda 1529 of CA's picture
I get up to go to work every day. From my paycheck, the government takes out for Social Security, Medi-cal, Federal and State taxes, retirement. Two hundred dollars is the amount I pay for medical insurance, that's not counting the co-pay for each doctor's visit, the co-pay for each prescription, co-pay for emergency and co-pay for urgent walk in, which is a farce. The last time I went to urgent care walk in, my co pay was $50.00. I still had to wait over 2 hours to be seen by a doctor. The majority of the people in the waiting area had Spanish sir-names. Some of them spoke no English. This is California. Most likely, most of them receive free health care, and get better service than the average American citizen. Something is wrong with this system. There SHOULD BE NO BIRTHRIGHT AMNESTY. OUR GOVT. MUST STOP REWARDING PEOPLE FOR BREAKING THE LAW. I work in a public school, I see first hand how much money is spent on illegals and their children. They are required to purchase none of the supplies their children use, they eat breakfast and lunch free, not to count the millions of dollars spent each year on programs and training that focus on limited English speakers. AND THERE ARE WORKSHOPS FOR ILLEGAL PARENTS THAT INFORM THEM OF THE RIGHTS THAT THEY HAVE IN THIS COUNTRY: I've heard comment like you don't have to take that you can report that to this department or that department no, you have a child here, you have a right to be here.I'm just tired of it. Our GOVERNMENT #1 CONCERN IN ANY DECISION SHOULD BE, "HOW WILL THIS EFFECT THE AMERICAN CITIZENS, THOSE BORN HERE AND THOSE HERE LEGALLY.
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Member   of America's picture
I often wondered why our elected representatives keep supporting illegals. The agenda of the illegals is to get amnesty and then vote their people in office. So why would our representatives want them to vote them out of office? Are they getting election money from the ACLU, The US Chamber of Commerence, Corporate America for cheap labor? That is the only thing that makes sense or why would you sell your neighbors out??? America was a land where we looked out for each other against foreign countries that tried to take over our country. Now it seems our emenies are our representatives. We need to vote them out of office the sooner the better!
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Rbert 9770 of OH's picture
Troy 998 of CA's picture
WE CAN NOT REMAIN A HOUSE DIVIDED!! We will become all one or all the other! Let's make sure it becomes a house of legal means. VOTE NO on all illegal alien benefits and programs. VOTE OUT all supporters of those programs, and SHOW DISDAIN to any media that supports these programs.
Jessy 4371 of CA's picture
WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE--?? California is bankrupt because of catering to illegals. I am SO SICK of hearing Spanish instead of English...and people in the other states need to PAY ATTENTION to what has happened here because it is soon going to be spreading to the other states. Teenagers used to be able to get an after school job, and start paying into their Social Security funds at a a young age. Now they have to vie for jobs with illegals with passels of kids they can't even afford! I have heard countless stories of people who had to work under a Latino manager who continued to hire his countless friends, family, etc., and soon the number of Spanish speaking employees outweighed those who spoke English. And then the "bullying" would start...another DELIGHTFUL aspect of the Hispanic culture. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!! STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS AND DON'T LET ANYONE ACCUSE YOU OF BEING RACIST EITHER. NO OTHER COUNTRY IN THE WORLD WOULD PERMIT THIS KIND OF TWISTING OF RULES AND DOMINATION BY ANOTHER GROUP OF PEOPLE UNLESS THEY HAD LOST A WAR WITH THE OTHER COUNTRY! And GUESS WHAT? The illegals always say that they take the jobs that "Americans don't want..." which is TOTAL B.S. They not only want the farm jobs and the jobs at meat packing plants, they want the service jobs, the carpentry jobs, the trucking jobs, the education goes on and on! Just recently a friend told me of her experience working at the hair salon FANTASTIC SAMS and how her Latina co-workers ganged up on her for being the only white hairdresser. Things like this are happening ALL OVER CALIFORNIA and if you don't want this happening in YOUR city or town...TAKE NOTE and GET INVOLVED!!
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Richard 0915 of IL's picture
When are we going to stop all the whining and start to do something about the illegal immigration. We all have stories. We need to stop patronizing businesses that hire illegals. We need to get rid of the people that aren't doing their jobs. It's not rocket science. I received a boiler plate patronizing letter from Illinois senator Dick Durbin. Just do your job Dick.Trying to do things from the top down isn't working fast enough, if at all.You guys here on NumbersUSA have a great start and I applaud you and Thank You!!!You somehow need to organize all of us. We need to do more than faxing and phoning. How about local NumbersUSA meetings or something along those lines. You would obviously have to be a legal US citizen to attend a meeting.
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