A new Gallup Poll shows that 42% of Americans say they wish immigration could be lower. Only 6% say they want immigration levels to be higher. Opinions were slightly different when broken down by political affiliations, but overall, Americans ranked immigration the third most important issue on a list of 16 other issues polled by Gallup in the survey.

The poll should a significant dissatisfaction with the way the government handles immigration; 64% say they are dissatisfied, but that is down from 72% in 2008 just a year after the mass amnesty battle in Congress.

Only 19% of Republicans say they are satisfied with the nation's handling of immigration compared with 33% of Democrats and 29% of Independents.

Fifty-four percent of Republicans favor lowering immigration levels, while 37% of both Democrats and Independents favor lowering immigration levels. For each group, the number of respondents who say they want lower levels are more than double the number who want levels to remain the same and more than seven times the number who want increased levels.

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Updated: Thu, Jan 19th 2012 @ 5:13pm EST