Virginia House of Delegates
Virginia House of Delegates


The Virginia House passed several immigration enforcement bills on Tuesday, including a mandatory E-Verify bill and a bill that would prohibit illegal aliens from attending state colleges and universities. All bills originated in the House, and Tuesday was the last day the chamber could vote on its own bills.

The following is a list of bills passed by the House:

HB 1421 prohibits any locality or state employee from restricting the enforcement of federal immigration laws. The bill is aimed at localities like Arlington County, which is a sanctuary for illegal aliens. The bill passed 73-to-26.

HB 1430 would require sheriffs to inquire into the legal presence of anyone arrested, independent of whether they were taken into custody at a jail, and require federal immigration queries on self-professed non-citizens. It passed 72-to-27. 

HB1465 would require state colleges and universities to adopt written policies that prohibits the admission of known illegal aliens. The bill passed 75-to-24. 

HB 1468 would require state agencies that issue social services to verify that anyone seeking those services is in the country legally. The bill also authorizes the Governor to withhold funding of any agency found to be issuing social services to illegal aliens. The bill does not indicate a specific verification tool that can be used by state agencies, but does indicate that applicants must present a valid social security number that will be verified through the Social Security Administration.The bill passed 83-to-16.

HB 1651 would require the Department of Motor Vehicles to cancel any license, permit, or state ID of an individual who is known to be in the country illegally. The bill was passed unanimously. 

HB 1727 would require all public contractors, state agencies and employers with more than 15 employees to enroll in the E-Verify program by the end of 2011. Businesses that don't enroll in the program face suspension of their business license. The House approved the bill 76-to-23.

HB 1775 would require local school districts to report to the state the number of children who were registered without a birth certificate. The bill specifically states, however, that no child shall be denied admission to a public K-12 school. The bill passed 73-to-25.

HB 1934 would require State Police to try to enter into a 287(g) memorandum of agreement with ICE that would allow them to perform certain federal immigration law-enforcement functions in the Commonwealth. It passed 78-to-20.

Meanwhile in the Virginia Senate, legislators passed SB 1049, which would require state contractors with more than 50 employees and contracts in excess of $50,000 to use E-Verify. The bill passed the Senate by a 40-to-0 margin.

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