A recent study conducted by Syracuse University has found that the Obama Administration's prosecutorial discretion policy has resulted in 33% fewer deportations. The Administration's policy prioritizes deportation cases, making cases involving violent criminals a higher priority while lowering the priority of cases that involve illegal aliens who have strong family ties to the United States, who are college-age and would benefit from passage of the DREAM Act, who have served in the military and other factors. Critics of the policy, including House Judiciary Chairman Lamar Smith, have called it a "backdoor amnesty."

"Last quarter's data confirms what we knew all along: President Obama is recklessly determined to grant backdoor amnesty to thousands of illegal immigrants," Rep. Smith (R-Texas) said.

"President Obama's goal of reelection is a slap in the face to unemployed American workers. With 13 million unemployed Americans competing with seven million illegal immigrants for scarce jobs, the President shouldn't brag about having another term in office. The President is supposed to act in the interest of the American people, not illegal immigrants. But President Obama has failed to live up to this responsibility."

The Syracuse University report shows that deportation filings from Immigration and Customs Enforcement has dropped from 59,000 to 39,000 over the last quarter of 2011. The report noted that filings are typically lower at the end of the year, but the data has been seasonally adjusted.

The report said the drop in deportation filings may have been caused by the Administration's new policy, but it also found little evidence that criminal illegal aliens have been making up a larger proportion of the deportations.

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Updated: Tue, Feb 28th 2012 @ 10:32am EST