Indiana State House
Indiana State House


An Arizona-style immigration enforcement bill has passed through the Indiana Senate, 31-to-18, and now moves to the House for approval. The comprehensive bill, introduced by State Sen. Mike Delph, would require the use of E-Verify and allow local police to check immigration status in certain situations.

"This bill should not be called the Immigration Matters bill," said Sen. Michael Young. "It should be called the Indiana Security and Taxpayer Protection Act."

Among the many things the bill does, it would:

  • require E-Verify for state and local governments and their contactors;
  • prohibit certain business tax deductions/credits unless E-Verify is used;
  • prohibit sanctuary policies;
  • require police to check the immigration status of individuals under certain circumstances; and
  • prohibit in-state tuition for illegal aliens.
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Updated: Fri, Feb 25th 2011 @ 12:41pm EST