Virginia State House
Virginia State House


The Virginia House passed a bill (H.B.737) on Tuesday that would require agencies of the Commonwealth, public contractors, localities, and employers with 15 or more employees within the Commonwealth to check the worker eligibility of new hires using E-Verify.

Employers that fall under the mandate that fail to begin using E-Verify face suspension or revocation of certain licenses.

The bill, sponsored by Rep. David Albo, passed the House by an 82-to-13 vote.

Ten other states have mandatory E-Verify laws with three others having Executive Orders in place that require its mandatory use. There are an estimated 7-8 million illegal aliens working in then United States with more than 15 million Americans unemployed.

See a map of states with E-Verify laws in place.

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Updated: Tue, Feb 16th 2010 @ 5:58pm EST