New Data from the Department of Homeland Security show the participation of businesses and worksites that use E-Verify by state. The data show that states with a high number of businesses that contract with the federal government and states that have passed mandatory E-Verify laws, including Arizona, Mississippi, Alabama and South Carolina, have the highest number of businesses using the online employee verification tool.

Arizona, which was the first state to pass a mandatory E-Verify law for all employers and had that law upheld by the Supreme Court in 2011, ranks No. 2 overall with E-Verify used at 83,462 sites. The top five states by use of participating worksites are, in order, California with 94,503 sites, Arizona with 83,462 sites, Georgia with 59,605 sites, Texas with 58,600 sites and New York with 53,807 sites. 

Georgia has a law requiring the use of E-Verify for state agencies and contractors as well as business with 10 employees or more.  

The other three states that require all employers to use E-Verify also have a significant number of businesses enrolled -- Alabama with 17,057 sites, Mississippi with 10,686 sites and South Carolina with 27,278 sites.

Florida with 52,913 sites and North Carolina with 38,882 sites, both ranked in the top 10. North Carolina requires all state agencies, offices and universities to use E-Verify. In 2011, the North Carolina state legislature passed HB 36 requiring all employers with more than six employees to use E-Verify. Florida requires state agencies and state contractors to use E-Verify. 

Vermont has the fewest worksites using E-Verify with 655, followed by Wyoming at 766 sites and West Virginia at 868 sites.  

The three industries with the most amount of businesses using E-Verify include professional, scientific and technical services with 131,610 sites, administrative and supportive services with 59,993 sites and food services with 53,215 sites.  

To find more information about states with mandatory E-Verify laws, click here .  

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Updated: Fri, Feb 17th 2012 @ 10:24am EST