Rep. Steve King
Rep. Steve King


Tom Tancredo, the founder and original chairman of the Congressional Immigration Reform Caucus (IRC), announced today that Republican Rep. Steve King of Iowa should succeed outgoing IRC Chairman Brian Bilbray (R-Calif.).  

"The 113th Congress has an opportunity to fix our broken immigration system so that it protects American workers, strengthens the rule of law, and reduces the fiscal burden on U.S. taxpayers, but a strong and active IRC will be critical to success," Tancredo said. "Frankly, there is no one I would trust more than Steve King to do this job well."

Tancredo, who retired from Congress in 2008, created the IRC during his first term in Congress as a way to organize and bolster colleagues who agree with him that mass immigration--both legal and illegal--needs to be reduced and the system reformed so that it serves the national interest.

Tom Tancredo
Steve King

Updated: Fri, Jul 21st 2017 @ 11:48am EDT