DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano is visiting Afghanistan with a contingent of border security and customs officials to advise their Afghan counterparts on border control, according to a DHS press release. Secretary Napolitano will meet with Afghan officials as well as U.S. border security experts already deployed in the area to discuss progress being made in securing the region.

“Today, I arrived in Kabul with six additional border security and customs officers who will join our ongoing efforts to advise and assist our Afghan counterparts on customs and border control. It is an honor to meet with our dedicated military and civilian men and women who are helping to bring peace and stability to Afghanistan, and I thank them for their continued efforts and sacrifices here to make the American homeland safer and more secure.”

Her surprise visit comes before charges have been filed in the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry near the U.S. border, and while DHS and law enforcement officials across the United States are on a heightened state of alert over potential attacks on New Year's Eve.

For another perspective, see this Examiner article.

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Updated: Fri, Dec 31st 2010 @ 4:08pm EST