Mitt Romney
Mitt Romney


GOP Presidential Hopeful Mitt Romney took a hard-line position on the issue of Pres. Obama's illegal-alien uncle during an interview with a Boston radio station. When asked if he would deport Onyango Obama who faces drunk driving charges in the Bay State, Romney said he would deport him.

Onyango Obama is Pres. Obama's father's half-brother. After being arrested for drunk driving, Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials at first held him without bail for allegedly ignoring a deportation order from 20 years ago. Like Obama's father, Onyango Obama is from Kenya.

His drunk driving case is still pending in Framingham, Mass.

Former Massachusetts Governor Romney has taking a strong Attrition Through Enforcement position throughout the 2012 GOP primaries. Romney has said that he opposes amnesty and supports E-Verify to end the jobs magnet and supports ending other magnets that encourage illegal immigration. You can read more about his positions and our ratings of him, and all the 2012 Presidential Hopefuls, by checking out our comparison grid.

Illegal Immigration

Updated: Thu, Dec 22nd 2011 @ 2:20pm EST