Senate Democrats blocked a vote on an amendment offered by Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) that would have closed a loophole that gives illegal aliens access to the Additional Child Tax Credit. The amendment sought to restore cuts in military pensions under the budget deal by shifting funds from the welfare loophole.

During Senate debate on the two-year budget deal brokered by Senate Budget Committee Chairwoman Patty Murray (D-Wash.) and House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.), Republicans spoke out against the $6 billion in cuts to military pensions, including for disabled retirees. But Sen. Sessions developed a plan for restoring the cuts. His amendment would have required a Social Security number to claim the refundable portion of the child tax credit and restored military retirement benefits.

“Removing this unbalanced treatment of our military retirees ought to be one of the key actions we should take before this legislation moves forward. In fact, greater savings than this can be achieved by passing a legislative fix recommended by the Inspector General of the U.S. Treasury that would stop the IRS from improperly providing tax credits to illegal aliens,” Sen. Sessions said.

Illegal aliens who work and file tax returns with an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number can apply for the Additional Child Tax Credit. The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration found that illegal aliens claimed $4.2 billion refundable credits in 2010.

After the procedural move blocking his amendment, Sen. Session said, “They voted to block the Senate from working to improve this tax-and-spend deal…(B)y blocking my amendment, they voted to cut pensions for wounded warriors. Senators in this chamber have many valid ideas for replacing these pension cuts, including my proposal to close the tax welfare loophole for illegal filers, and all deserved a fair and open hearing. But they were denied.”

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Updated: Thu, Dec 19th 2013 @ 3:21pm EST

GlenR 1973 of WV's picture
Another Christmas gift to the ILLEGAL invaders from our Elitist Politicians at the direct expense of United States VETS but it is not the first nor the last "gift" at the expense of United States Taxpayers.
Alan 2438 of IL's picture
This sickens me. Will our media be reporting it? Don't hold your breath. More and more impressed with Senator Sessions by the day....
None 2150 of WY's picture
We should vote for Sen. Sessions for president. He knows the realties of this country and would fight for them. I really hope he goes for president. I would vote for him in a split second.
Terri 9170 of IL's picture
Carl, I would like to know how we could run Sessions for President. There's no other politician in this country I want to vote for.
William 6898 of AZ's picture
Me too. He seems to be the only one in Washington that listens to the American citizens and the only one there with his eyes open.
Tricia 8593 of TX's picture
I am so sickened at what is happening in our country. Stealing from Vets to give money to illegals, who have ruined our health care system, schools, and welfare system, not to mention the prison system and crimes committed by the lot of them. When will enough be enough! I wish there was a way for every citizen in this country to know what really is going on. I can only hope every last Democrat is thrown to the curb next election and in 2016!
Ralph 0323 of MA's picture
To all of you Democrats that are very disillusioned with your party as I was many years ago, don't waste your time waiting for the party to improve. It isn't going to happen & time's awaisting. Ditch the party & become an independent as I did. Adios!
William 6898 of AZ's picture
Same here Ralph. I have voted Democrat from 1972-2004, then along came Obama. I have been an Independent since. I was right in not trusting him then and absolutely do not trust him now. He, all the crony's he "appoints" such as Jeh Johnson and Eric Holder are all traitors. Also traitors: the whole Democratic Senate, the Republican Rhinos, and their corporate rulers.
George 9871 of GA's picture
That is when I became an Independent, after the '06 Mid Term Election after seeing how corrupt Reid and Pelosi are. I voted Democrat from '88 to '06, been an Independent since. I didn't vote for either McCain or Obama in '08 and voted for Romney last November to get Obama and that disgusting Administrative cabinet of his out.
Jm  2943 of CO's picture
Gentlemen the problem is this country is a 2 party system. We ran for our state legislature as an Independent in 2012. We had very little help raised a whopping $220 spent $2500 and got 1734 votes. This is after we spent 2 months collecting 400 valid signatures to get on the ballot in CO. We had a girlfriend help get `10 signatures but we got the rest.The Democrat in the race was able to raise over $40,000 spent about 35000 and had a primary that he won by 51 votes. He raised most of his money out side of our county too as he is Black and the Blacks in denver county which is the county next to us wanted another Black in our legislature. Democrats who have known us for years didnt support us as we are an Independent and dont want in state tuition for illegals and a bunch of other things they as liberals want. We got someone who bought and paid for his seat with denver money doesnt go to our local meetings by and large holds meetings in Denver county far away from the district etc.There were 2 other Independents running. One of the house like us and one for the Senate. The democrats spent thousands of dollars on the house race to make sure our friend lost because they didnt want the seat to go to an I.We have 1/3 of our state as an I. Until 2012 the first election we had that made it easier for an I to run it was hard for an I to run. its still hard for an I to run as they limit campaign donations to half what a major party gets in CO ($200 for an I) as they have no primary. Thats not right but thats how it is.We are telling you this to tell you about one state and how hard is it to elect an I when we have 1/3 of the state being I's or other then a D or an R. Those 1734 votes was over 5 % of the vote for our house district so our votes cost less then the Democrat and he had all the help and the money in the world to spend.
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Thomas 2924 of IN's picture
JM has a good point. The two parties, and through them the business interests that control both of them, have a stranglehold on our country. The media and cynical power brokers of the elite are in collusion. Contribute to NumbersUSA, a real grass roots organization that represents Americans. Keep Jeff Sessions in the Senate. I am at a loss for other practical ideas, but am open to other suggestions.
Gene 5798 of TX's picture
If someone of Sen. Sessions ilk runs on an independent ticket, that someone can count on myself and many of mf my personal friends to vote for them!
Karon 0150 of NC's picture
How disgusting that those politicians would put illegal immigrants tax credits before our own military's pensions. Please vote independently and get those men out of office. Senator Sessions, please run for President of U.S.!!!!!!
Philip 5927 of AZ's picture
Yes, I am painfully aware of it. These Senate Democrats blocking Senator Sessions' amendment bring a big shame to this country. However, it should be no surprise to us because they are same old problem. They should have not belonged to the Congress. They would rather protect criminal invaders who are welfare recipients than military retirees' including disabled retirees' benefits. I am very disgusted that they frantically worship these illegal aliens as their Democrat voters and feel they are more important than American military retirees. I find it a sick joke, sick humor because they display lack of gratitude. I really feel bad for many of these loyal, courageous Americans who love this country.
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Gene 5798 of TX's picture
It began with the 1986 amnesty - a republican president signed that into law with false promises of border security. As is sometimes democrats way, they took it as thier mantra. Thus, I do NOT, WILL NOT vote for either party!
Philip 5927 of AZ's picture
A corrupt leader Dirty Harry always blocks many excellent bills like mandatory e-verify bill that are a great benefit to American citizens. Believe it or not, he has been serving in the Congress for 30 years! He is still there. He has many minds to work upon and to break every kind of laws down over many years. Thanks to election fraud scandal in NV, with illegal aliens' help, he has won reelection many times over. That is why he feels that he still owes anything to them. In his turn, he helps them. He needs to be removed NOW, not from his seat, from the Congress for the rest of his life.
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Philip 5927 of AZ's picture
I voted Dirty Harry for the WORST Senate of the year for 2013. Why? The bottom line is he is anti-American. Judicial Watch easily named him one of Washington's 10 Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians for 2012.
Philip 5927 of AZ's picture
I voted Senator Jeff Sessions for the BEST Senate of the year for 2013. Why? I truly admire him for his being a heart and soul fighter for American citizens. He is always awesome, especially because he is pro-American. We all are very proud of him.
Lechelle 5846 of CO's picture
When will more Americans wake up to the fact that through our taxes, we're paying for the priviledge of having Illegals take away jobs and opportunities from Americans and legal residents? It's a disgrace to our soliders who served our country to have their pensions cut in favor of Illegal aliens who've only taken from this country. The level of hubris shown by some of these dems is just amazing.
Terri 9170 of IL's picture
Did you all read that Ohio has announced they've found evidence that illegals voted in the 2012 election? I knew it was rigged.
Terri 9170 of IL's picture
Thomas, this will probably sound strange, but I'm so happy to hear that. When I hear NPR or other news outfits saying his numbers have dropped to 46% I think, no, it can't be that high!
Linda 1436 of WA's picture
See what it's like to be ruled by MEXICANS and their compadries, no more freedom of speech and they grab up all the money and resources for themselves, their lawyers and their illegals. We are no longer America thanks to Obama who in 5 years refuses to close the So. border. You can no longer post on most news comment boards and use any Mexican organizations such as LaRaza or their presidents or X-presidents names, even the word Mexico or Mexican depending on matching content. Mexican advocates have a huge hold on the media, Obama and congress including the GOP that worries about their party and life style more than their constituents and country. It's scary grip Mexicans/ Cubans and Columbians have on our congress and not in an honest way, but a loud and organized way. The Blacks are left in the dust, and the Whites have been so beaten down since the Civil Rights that any student since that time is pretty brain washed and shamed for "what their people did to minorities". I have talked to too many of these "student's from age 50s on down" who are ashamed of our forefathers and believe every lie and exaggeration LaRaza and CASA de Maryland feeds the left medias. The open border/Mexican organizations seem to have direct contact with Obama and congress, they are powerful by being loud and aggressive, while Americans seethe in silence. Whites have given up, they could at least call their senators even every hour as one Congressman is urging people to do. Don't let illegals take money away from our Military members, they already soak up MEDICARE and Medicaid to the point Obamas Administration figured they can convince us it's a ponzy scheme if they say it over and over in many different ways with many different democrat pundits.
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Philip 5927 of AZ's picture
Thanks to Dirty Harry's sabotage of the filibuster, so Obama wants to have No. 1 Jeh Johnson and No. 2 Alejandro Mayorkas at DHS. I am not happy about it. We all should recognize that they would be more fearsome one-two punch. Double scary! They are highly dangerous open borders advocates. They won't act as a watchful guardian against unlawful invaders. Corruption overflows in the Obama administration and the Congress. Obama should be arrested for treason NOW unless there is impeachment proceeding. Arrest every one of corrupt politicians, too.
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Robert 4557 of TX's picture
Seriously, if you still vote Democrat after this, then you really hate the military and their families. Wow. We could pay for the benefits to service members by cutting off a loophole worth $4 billion to illegal aliens! If this doesn't change your voting habits, I don't know what will.
None 2150 of WY's picture
VOTE FOR SESSIONS FOR PRESIDENT. In California our vote doesn't count. Proof is the pudding. Homosexual marriage, marijuana, illegal aliens, etc. Voted no and so did many others as well, but that didn't matter. Sad to say! We need to really take our country back and dump the 'politically correct' BS. Sorry for the rant, but I sick of this country losing its moral fiber and traditions.
GlenR 1973 of WV's picture
Sadly I just read this article in a online newspaper, I can not decide if the lady, Diane W. Mufson a retired psychologist, really thinks the answer to ILLEGAL immigrations is C.I.R. Her quote is "It's time for Congress to formulate pragmatic immigration legislation. There is no perfect solution. Fix it quickly as best as can be done, even if it is not ideal." in other words she wants AMNESTY. She compares the ILLEGALS invading the United States to her and her husband buying a starter home, something that had to be done even if it was not perfect(?). This is the type of thinking that Citizens have to deal with every day in an attempt to save the United States from becoming just another Third World country.
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Florence 0183 of NJ's picture
she is nuts, not thinking about the ramifications of keeping all of these criminals, illegals, law breakers in this country...I guess she is ready for her new language
Peter 7072 of NY's picture
They are of the same ilk that said you have to pass the bill to see what is in it. Just pass anything,, and we can fix it later!1 HAH!U.S. government policy--if it ain't broke, his it till it is. We have a perfectly good immigration bill, we have less than perfect ENFORCEMENT of same!
Aaron 8129 of ID's picture
It's a pity that she doesn't live in the same world as the taxpayers! If she did she'd change her tune on this issue really fast!
Thomas 2924 of IN's picture
Sometimes I think Jeff Sessions is the only Senator who doesn't leave his brain and conscience at the door of the capitol. The amendment he proposed is thoughtful, decent and simple common sense. He has proposed many such amendments. In committee, he proposed amending the Gang of Eight bill to eliminate the ruinous increase in legal immigration. Nobody else voted for it, not even Grassley. Is Jeff Sessions the only one in that corrupt, self serving body who represents the American people. A Roman emperor had such contempt for the Roman Senate that he appointed his horse to serve. I know three cats and a dog who would do a better job of representing NY and CA than the critters who now have the job.
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Terri 9170 of IL's picture
I agree with Robert of TX, this is evidence that the Democrats and some Republicans are helping this illegals stay in this country in a way that is inhumane to Americans.