A bill being considered in the New Jersey legislature that would allow illegal-alien students who meet certain requirements to receive in-state tuition rates and access to financial aid at state universities and colleges cleared its final hurdle before it will move to the Assembly floor for a final vote. If passed by the Assembly, which is expected, it will advance to Gov. Chris Christie's desk for his approval.

The bill has been fast-tracked by N.J. lawmakers after Gov. Christie expressed support for in-state tuition for illegal aliens on the campaign trail in October. Christie, however, has said that he will veto the bill working its way through the state legislature becuase it's broader than the Dream Act that's been defeated multiple times.

GOP Members of the Assembly Budget Committee attempted to modify the legislation to make it more palatable to Gov. Christie, but it was rejected by the Democrat-controlled Committee.

The bill not only allows lower tuition rates to illegal aliens who graduate from New Jersey high schools, but grants access to financial aid for illegal aliens. Christie has said he opposes that clause.

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Updated: Fri, Dec 13th 2013 @ 8:39am EST