Senate Minority Leader McConnell
Senate Minority Leader McConnell


All 42 Members of the Senate Republican Caucus delivered a letter to Majority Leader Harry Reid stating that they will not vote for cloture on any piece of legislation until the Senate has approved funding for the federal government and addressed the tax cuts set to expire at the end of the year.

Our constituents have repeatedly asked us to focus on creating an environment for private-sector job growth; it is time that our constituents’ priorities become the Senate’s priorities. . .

[W]e write to inform you that we will not agree to invoke cloture on the motion to proceed to any legislative item until the Senate has acted to fund the government and we have prevented the tax increase that is currently awaiting all American taxpayers. With little time left in this Congressional session, legislative scheduling should be focused on these critical priorities.

Sen. Reid plans to file a cloture motion on the DREAM Act either later today or on Thursday. A vote to begin debate would then likely occur on the second Senate work day after he files the motion. It's unlikely that the Senate will address the legislative priorities set forth by the Republicans, therefore a cloture vote on the DREAM Act is likely to fail if the Republican caucus holds true to their word.

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Updated: Wed, Dec 1st 2010 @ 1:28pm EST