Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) and Senator Lamar Alexander (R-TN) have cosponsored the bipartisan SAVE Act.

Sen. Sessions has earned a career immigration-reduction grade of an A+ and Sen. Alexander has earned a B.

The SAVE Act (S.1505) would use currently available tools and resources to increase interior enforcement of federal immigration laws.

In securing the borders, the SAVE Act would:
  • add 6,000 border patrol agents, utilizing new technology;
  • improve recruitment with focus on former agents and former members of the Armed Services and Reserves; and
  • create a pilot program to increase aerial surveillance, satellite and equipment sharing with the Departments of Homeland Security and Defense.

In fighting illegal hiring, the SAVE Act would:

  • make E-Verify mandatory for all employers;
  • increase monitoring of compliance of the E-Verify system;
  • require notification of identity theft; and
  • require information sharing between the Social Security Administration, Department of Homeland Security and the Internal Revenue Service.

In increasing interior enforcement, the SAVE Act would:

  • add ICE agents and increase grants to local law enforcement; and
  • expedite the deportation process by increasing detention capacity and the number of immigration judges.
Interior Enforcement
Illegal Immigration

Updated: Thu, Aug 6th 2009 @ 1:15pm EDT