Residents in Washington State are seeking 224,880 signatures in order to force the state to take up the issue of illegal immigration.

The proposal, Initiative 409, contains the following provisions:

  • Illegal aliens would be prohibited from attaining a driver's license
  • State agencies would be obliged to verify the legality of anyone 14 or older seeking local, state, or federal benefits
  • All state authorities would be compelled to cooperate with federal immigration authorities in the enforcement of immigration laws
  • Use of the E-Verify program would be mandatory

Washington State currently has some of the more lax laws in the country regarding illegal immigration.  Seattle and neighboring King County are so-called "sanctuary cities" due to their refusal to cooperate with federal immigration authorities, even though recent murders have been committed by illegal aliens.

Washington's illegal alien population and skyrocketed over the past decade.  It is estimated that there are at least 277,000 illegal aliens now residing in the state (40% of whom are in or near poverty), at least 172,000 illegal aliens holding a job, and at least 34,000 illegal aliens in Washington's schools.  It is also estimated that at least 31% of illegal alien households in Washington take advantage of some sort of state or federal welfare program.

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Updated: Mon, Jul 24th 2017 @ 3:01pm EDT