Rep. Tim Mahoney (D-Fl.) will introduce the Officer Andrew Widman Criminal Alien Enforcement Act of 2008 when Congress reconvenes.

The proprosal is named after Fort Myers police Officer Andrew Widman.  Widman was shot and killed by an illegal alien who was on probation for armed robbery.  The illegal alien, Abel Arango, was also arrested in April for selling cocaine.  He was released in May on bond.

The proposal contains four points:

  • When a violent felon (who is an immigrant) has an order to be deported but cannot be returned to his home country, he will remain incarcerated.
  • ICE will be required to assess all criminal immigrants, regardless of whether they are considered violent.
  • If an immigrant is not considered violent and is released, he must take part in a federal probationary program
  • Probation violators will be treated as violent offenders and will be jailed until deportation

Rep. Mahoney said, "Had these four things been in place, I believe that this tragedy wouldn’t have happened."

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Updated: Thu, Aug 28th 2008 @ 8:57am EDT