The Border Patrol has begun erecting billboards in Texas to remind commercial truckers that they are gambling with their livelihoods when they haul illegal aliens or drugs. The billboards, which are part of the Texas Hold ‘Em initiative, carry the blunt message: “Smuggle Aliens… Smuggle Drugs… Lose Your Commercial Driver’s License in Texas.” The federal-state initiative, which was first announced in June, uses existing state laws to revoke the commercial driver’s licenses of truck drivers who are convicted of federal charges for smuggling illegal aliens or drugs. A toll-free phone line (800-343-1994) was established for tipsters and rewards are provided for information leading to felony smuggling convictions. Since October, 2007, Border Patrol agents have intercepted more than 400 tractor-trailers in Texas containing over 1,800 illegal aliens. The Border Patrol is actively pursuing similar agreements with other states in an effort to expand the program nationwide.
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